Clear Vision, Full Faith

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking online to devotees in London
31 July 2011, part 6


When I took sannyas, Gurudev asked me, "Do you know the meaning of your sannyas?" I said, "I will serve my Guru kaya, mana, vakya—with my action, mind, and speech." He said to me in reply, "Yes, that is what the scripture say, but actually your tridandi-sannyas means you must serve my Mission, serve my Deity, serve my devotees." When Gurudev was here, wherever he sent me, whatever he told me to do, I never said no. When Gurudev asked me something, I never even in my mind thought, "No." Never in my life did "no" come out of my mouth in front of Gurudev. I always said yes. That was my good trait. When Gurudev told me something, I always said, "Yes, I will do it." So, to this day I am still trying to serve all the devotees.

I want to serve all devotees all over the world, I do not want service from anybody, I do not want anybody to be my personal servitor, etc.—I want to serve whoever serves Gurudev. This is my mood, this is my main thing.

...It is a good time now in London, the bhoga-arati time, noon time. All devotees have come from many places, they are staying at the temple and hearing the class, doing sankirtan... You know, when I am in Nabadwip, I chant the kirtans in the morning and in the evening—one and a half hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. I like singing, and singing is very important. Gurudev said to me, "It is not necessary to read so many scriptures, your books are Gaudiya Gitanjali kirtan guide and Gaudiya-kanthahara."

Gurudev told me that Srila Sridhar Maharaj had told him, "If you can read Gaudiya-kanthahara, you will be a 75% preacher." Gurudev told this to me too. In 2000-2001, he asked me, "You are reading any books?" I answered, "I read sometimes, but I do not get time..." Then he told me, "OK, you can read Gaudiya-kanthahara." As soon as he told this to me, I sent somebody to Mayapur to buy this book (I did not have time to go myself), and I read that book. It was that time that Gurudev told me, "You can read this book Gaudiya-kanthahara and you will become a 75% preacher." My Guru Maharaj [Srila Gurudev] told me that.

So, if you read Gaudiya Gitanjali kirtan guide, if you try to understand the meaning of the kirtans and sing these kirtans with meaning, then you can be a preacher—you can preach to others. Even when a new devotee comes, if you tell them to sing for seven days, you can send them for preaching after that.

That was Mahaprabhu's conception also. Mahaprabhu would go to some village, stay there one night, and after that tell some devotee, "From today you are the Guru in this village! You can preach here." Mahaprabhu never took disciples, but He would appoint devotees to preach in their villages. This is how Mahaprabhu's movement increased. We must do this too. We must understand these things.

So, I am very happy today to have got this opportunity to say something to the devotees all over the world, and especially here in London. This London temple is actually Chaitanya Saraswat Math.

Many problems can come, be careful. Somebody may want to break our unity, may want to break our temple, but Gurudev told me—and I have faith in my Guru, you know that—"After me some problem will come, but it will not last long, it will finish soon and easily." Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math is a big hill, and if somebody throws a stone at this hill, the stone will break—it will not do any harm to the hill. Problems will come, but they will finish easily. This is what Gurudev told me, and I believe that. I believe my Guru—I have full faith in him.


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