Temple Management Scheme (1)

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking to the devotees in Australia
14 August, 2011, part 2


We work eight hours every day for our family—I am not telling everybody must take up brahmachari life or take sannyas. You can stay in family life, but maintain your family life in the proper way—you must practise properly. If you work eight hours a day, you must keep minimum one hour for your Guru, for the Vaishnavs, for the Lord. It is necessary. You get salary for eight hours of work—you can divide that amount into eight and keep at least one hour salary for this Govinda Dham.

I am not asking for any money from you, I am not asking you for anything—I am only praying to everybody, "Please Gurudev, make a temple in Govinda Dham." Gurudev made Govinda Dham with his heart and soul, and you must maintain it properly, you must improve this ashram. How? There are many devotees in Australia, more than two hundred, and if one devotee can keep aside three dollars every day (one hour's worth of their salary), then a hundred dollars can easily come from each devotee every month.

Keep one hour's worth of your salary for the temple. Make an account, organise some small management group. Some management is necessary for the Mission. There should be a temple president, a temple secretary, vice-president, treasurer, assistant treasurer, secretary, joint secretary. You can appoint some of the good members of the Mission. Try to do this otherwise you cannot run the temple properly. There are not many ashrams in Australia, only one (Sri Govinda Dham), and it is not necessary to have so many ashrams also. So, try to improve your ashram.

Keep at least one-hour salary for the Lord, for your future, for your spiritual life. You will get a super benefit. You have got a human body now, and you may not get this opportunity again in your future life. We do not know what body we will get in future, we do not know what is in our future, but what we have now, as much capacity we have, we must serve with that. That is my prayer to everybody, heart and soul.

If somebody wants to break the Mission, if somebody wants illusory environment, they will try to break the Mission—those who are thinking of making something cannot think about destroying anything, and those who are thinking for destroying cannot think about making anything. Now we have to time to make something, not to destroy... We must increase our Mission, we must make our Mission gorgeous. And everybody must practise properly.


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