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Possessiveness or Chastity?

By His Divine Grace
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham
31 May 2013


Brahmachari life is actually austere. Sometimes also when brahmacharis serve Gurudev they fight with each other. I saw it too.

There were two brahmacharis who served their Gurudev, but they would always fight with each other.

"Oh, I am doing so much service! I am cooking!" said one of them.

"OK, and I am giving the medicine!" answered the other one.

"And I am doing the puja!"

They fought like this every day. One time, their Gurudev called them and said,

"Hey, what are you always fighting for?"

One of the brahmacharis said, "We are not fighting, it is just that he is not doing anything, and I am doing this, I am doing that."

The other one objected, "No, no, no! It is he who is not doing anything! I am doing more—I am doing this, I am doing that, I am cooking, I am giving you prasadam!"

The first brahmachari said, "No! He is not doing anything! I am massaging your feet after prasadam, I am giving you water, I am making your bed every day!"

And so on. Then, Gurudev said, "All right, I am going to divide your service. You do this, and you do that. As for massaging my feet, I have two legs, so you will massage one leg, and you will massage the other leg."

Then, one day one brahmachari came and started massaging his Gurudev's left leg. The other brahmachari was little sick that day and could not come. Soon, Gurudev asked, "Hey, why are you only massaging and massaging one leg? What about the other leg?" The brahmachari said, "Gurudev, you divided our service and said my leg was the left leg, and that right leg is not mine, it is his leg!" Gurudev told, "Oh, so the right leg is his leg? Then, since it is not my leg, I will break it! I do not want it then..."

This is how we do service. We think, "It is my service," "It is his service," "It is that man's service," "It is my things," "It is your things." When such mentality comes to us, it is foolishness, it is ignorance. We must understand clearly that it is not like this. We must understand that when Gurudev tells a brahmachari, "Do this service," it is mercy. Gurudev always says that service is mercy—if you have service, that is mercy. You must understand it.


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