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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, India
23 July 2013, part 4


Are you not going today [to Ekachakra]?

Devotee: Actually, I was very unprepared, my bag is not packed...

What kind of a brahmachari are you? You must be like a soldier. You must be always ready in case an order comes.

A few years ago, perhaps 2006 or so, terrorists attacked a hotel in Mumbai. Many foreign people died that time. One of our devotees' son, a Hindu boy, is a major. Indian government has special groups that fight against terrorism, and he is the leader of one of these groups. So, when that hotel was attacked, the government called this boy at one o'clock at night (he was sleeping with his wife in bed) and told him, "The helicopter is ready, you must come in fifteen minutes." His parents called me and told me about it. Forty-eight hours had passed and they could not manage the situation, so they called this special squad. They came first by aeroplane, then by helicopter, landed on the roof of the building and killed almost all terrorist—only one of them survived.

Then, Gurudev's servitor (those who want to serve) should be like this—must be always ready. What packaging is there? You need two dhotis, two kurtas and one gumcha. What else is necessary to pack, tell me? And your computer that you are using. What does a sannyasi need? It is not like ladies—so many ornaments are necessary, etc. An empty car is going, I told you about it yesterday, and you are saying you cannot pack your things because you must take so many things. What is this? Prabhupad's style is "if you do something, do it now." If you think, "I will do it tomorrow," tomorrow another service will come. We do not know the value of time...

One time, Gurudev called me at night at 3 o'clock (I was in the toilet) and told me to come to Kolkata. I had my programme, many plans because I was the manager of the temple, but I immediately left leaving the instructions for others and within an hour I took the train and was on my way. When I got to Kolkata, Gurudev told me I had to go to Puri. You are not a manager of anything, so you do not have to tell anything to other. For example, if I have to go to Kolkata now for service, I will have to tell many things to others—I have to leave money, have to leave instructions to devotees, etc. You, on the other hand, do not have to tell anything to anybody, but you cannot pack your baggage. What is your baggage anywhere? You are not going there forever, it is just Ekachakra. Take a plastic bag and go quickly.


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