His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
22 February 2018, Kolkata, part 3


I am suffering so many things in this movement... Sometimes I am lying down and thinking what does Kali Maharaj want? What does Gurudev want? What does Guru Maharaj want?

Last year, I went to Nabadwip a few days before Janmastmi. There are many Vaishnavs' samadhis very near our temple, and the government has already made a slaughterhouse right next to one of them. There was a big meeting at Iskcon, and I went there joining the protest. Because I stopped the slaughterhouse project in Nabadwip, the government became angry with me and created disturbance for me.

What happened in the meantime? I spoke to our cowman who milks our cows in Nabadwip last night and he is also very sad—I left the temple and came to Kolkata because the chairman and the council had become angry with me, had become against me, but last night I heard that twenty cows had already been sold from my temple. What is going on? Why is it happening like this? I am thinking about it all the time. I prevented outside people from killing cows (their plan was to export milk from Nabadwip to outside countries, but now the government has postponed this project because all the sadhus of Nabadwip united against it, so they could not do it; as a result, the chairman became upset and allowed it to happen that I would leave Nabadwip temple), but now those who are there at our temple are selling our own cows to some Muslim men who will cut them... They even sold our big bull who had produced many calves and had become old now...

One time, I heard from Gurudev, the milkman came to Gurudev and said, "Gurudev, it is very expensive to maintain cows, and we have so many old cows in the goshala—why do we not sell some cows?" Gurudev replied (I was in front of him), "I am old too, you can sell me also."

This is what is happening... O Krishna!


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