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The Price of Mercy

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
7 January 2019, part 4


In Sriman Mahaprabhu's time, at some point all the school students in Nabadwip thought, "Oh, that Nimai was born in this village, and after Him this sankirtan started. They sing and chant the whole day and we cannot study, we cannot sleep!" One time they decided, "Let us gather together—we will break and throw the houses of Nimai's followers into the Ganges and we will beat Nimai!"

Before that, Mahaprabhu told all devotees, "You work all day, it is not a problem, but every evening you must gather at Srivas Pandit's house and do sankirtan. Sankirtan must run every day." Devotees followed Mahaprabhu's order, but one day, they gathered at Srivas Pandit's house, but instead of sankirtan they were talking about those threats made by the students. Suddenly Nimai came—He asked,

"What has happened? Why is kirtan not running? Why has kirtan stopped today?!

"Prabhu, please, calm down. Please, calm down!"

"No, no! First tell Me why kirtan has stopped!"

Then, they explained, "Prabhu, all the villagers, all the school students are saying they will break and throw our houses into the Ganges. It is not a problem, we do not care about any houses, but they are saying also they will beat You—how will we tolerate that?"

Mahaprabhu replied, "Oh, is this why you have stopped kirtan?"

At that time little Narayani came to Mahaprabhu—she was a small girl at that time, she was not even four, perhaps three and a half years old or a little more (she was Srivas Pandit's niece and later became Vrindavan Das Thakur's mother). When she came to Mahaprabhu, Mahaprabhu put His hand on her head and blessed her, "Tomar Krishna bhakti hauk (তোমার কৃষ্ণ ভক্তি হউক): may Krishna give you mercy, may Krishna bless you." As soon as Mahaprabhu said it, she began rolling on the ground and crying, "O Krishna! O Krishna!" She cried and cried. Then Mahaprabhu asked devotees, "Now do you still believe they can beat Me and throw your houses into the Ganges?" Devotees replied, "No Prabhu, all doubt have already left us!"

Another time, it was Mahaprabhu's appearance day (birthday) coming and devotees were going to celebrate it at Srivas Pandit's house. At that time, one old lady who had nobody (no husband, no parents) lived at Srivas Pandit's house—she would always clean plates and bring water from outside; and her name was Duhkhi ('duhkhi' means 'one who is always sad'). So, that day, Srivas Pandit told her, "Duhkhi, you always bring water, but do you know who you will be bringing water for today? Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Nimai, my master is coming today, and He will take bath and we will do abhisekh with that water!" Duhkhi became very happy, and out of happiness tears came to her eyes. Suddenly, Mahaprabhu came at that time and seeing her bringing water and crying, He asked her, "What is your name? Why are you crying?" She said, "My name is Duhkhi (sad)." And Mahaprabhu said, "No, from today your name will be Sukhi (happy)!"

She got mercy of Mahaprabhu through service—you know she does not have any education, she has no money, she did not even know how to read, she does not know the meaning of anything, she does not know anything, but she got the mercy of Mahaprabhu. Mukunda also got mercy of Mahaprabhu through his faith. That is why it is necessary to have faith, the strongest faith.


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