Sri Godrumdwip Bhajan

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nrisingha Palli
14 March 2019, part 3


When Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur was staying on this island, in Godrumdwip, he wrote a song about Gurudev. We all are habituated to always sing, "Gurudev, krpa bindu diya," "Sri Guru-charana-padma," but when I read that song, I was very pleased. I had never sung it before. Actually, when I saw it in this small book—[Parivrajak Maharaj] sells it for ten rupees in the bookstore—I thought, "The price of this book is ten million dollars, and even that would be insufficient." This book is Saranagati, and this very nice song that Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur wrote about Godrumdwip, is this [His Divine Grace then chants the kirtan with the devotees]:

বড় কৃপা করি’, গৌড়বন-মাঝে
গোদ্রুমে দিয়াছ স্থান ।
আজ্ঞা দিল মোরে, এই ব্রজে বসি’,
হরিনাম কর গান ॥১॥

bada krpa kari', gauda-vana-majhe
godrume diyacha sthana
ajna dila more, ei vraje vasi',
harinama kara gana

Gurudev! You have very mercifully given me a place in Sri Godrumdwip amid the forests of Gauda, and ordered me: "Reside in this abode which is non-different from Vraja and chant the Lord's Name."

কিন্তু কবে প্রভো, যোগ্যতা অর্পিবে,
এ দাসেরে দয়া করি’ ।
চিত্ত স্থির হবে, সকল সহিব,
একান্তে ভজিব হরি ॥২॥

kintu kabe prabho, yogyata arpibe,
e dasere daya kari'
chitta sthira habe, sakala sahiba,
ekante bhajiba hari [2]

But when, O master, will you mercifully grant this servant the qualification to do this? Then my heart will become steadfast, I will tolerate everything, and I will serve the Lord sincerely.

Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur's expression is very nice. "Bada krpa kari'": Gurudev, you have given me so much mercy, you are so merciful to me—you have given me a place in the middle of Gaura Mandal to stay in. And what will I do here? You have given me an order—"ei Vraja-basi' Harinama kara gana." 'Vraja' means this place is non-different from Vrindavan. "Harinama kara gana": you must always sing. There are nine islands and nine practices—sravanam (Simantadwip), kirtanam (Godrumdwip), smaranam (Madhyadwip), pada-sevanam (Koladwip), archanam (Rtudwip), vandanam (Jahnudwip), dasyam (Modadrumdwip), sakhyam (Rudradwip), atma-nivedanam (Antardwip). Godrumdwip is for kirtan. So, Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur says, "You have given me an order to sit here and sing holy songs, to chant the Holy Name." "Kintu kabe prabho, yogyata arpibe": Prabhu, when will I get that kind of quality to chant the Holy Name? I have no quality to chant the Holy Name. To chant the Holy Name, it is necessary to have some qualification, but my mind is always chanchal (চঞ্চল, fickle, restless), it always goes here, there, there., and I cannot tolerate anything. When will I be able to tolerate everything and stay here only thinking about the Lord? My mind is always chanchal, it is never sthirakabe amara chitta sthira habe? When will my mind become fixed?

শৈশব-যৌবনে, জড়সুখ-সঙ্গে,
অভ্যাস হইল মন্দ ।
নিজকর্ম্ম-দোষে, এ দেহ হইল,
ভজনের প্রতিবন্ধ ॥৩॥

saisava-yauvane, jada-sukha-sange,
abhyasa ha-ila manda
nija-karma-dose, e deha ha-ila,
bhajanera pratibandha [3]

In my childhood and youth, I was attached to material happiness and my habits were wicked. Now because of my sins this body has become an impediment to engagement in service.

Saisava-yauvane—when I was young, when I was teenager, I did so many bad things, I have been always enjoying with material things, and as a result my habits have become very bad, I cannot change myself now (abhyasa ha-ila manda). Nija-karma-dose: then the reaction for my actions has come now and have got this body, but I cannot chant the Holy Name with this body. I am becoming very old now and I am suffering from five kinds of diseases:

বার্দ্ধক্যে এখন, পঞ্চরোগে হত,
কেমনে ভজিব বল’ ।
কাঁদিয়া কাঁদিয়া, তোমার চরণে
পড়িয়াছি সুবিহ্বল ॥৪॥

vardhakye ekhana, pancha-roge hata,
kemane bhajiba bala'
kandiya kandiya, tomara charane
padiyachhi suvihvala [4]

Now aged, I am afflicted by various diseases. Tell me, how shall I serve? Crying incessantly, I have fallen at your feet, utterly overwhelmed.

I am suffering from five kinds of diseases: avidya (ignorance), asmita (false identification), raga (misdirected love), dvesa (aversion to anything that goes against one's enjoyment), and abhinivesa (being unable to give up unfavourable habits). With all these diseases there, how will I worship you? That is why I am crying and crying—now I am surrendering to you, I do not know what will happen.

Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur writes this. He is too much humble. It is necessary to have some quality. Humility, tolerance, giving honour to others are the most important qualities.


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