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Practitioners' Problem

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking online to the devotees in Colombia
8 December 2019, part 4


Question: Why do some conflicts arise among devotees, members of the community, even when they are trying to do service?

That is the practitioners' problem. A practitioner must think, "I must be humble, tolerant and give honour to others"—that is the main thing. Your mood must change—you must become humble, tolerant and give honour to others. Those who have patience will succeed. It is necessary to have patience (ধৈর্য, dhairya), which means it is necessary to have tolerance. The problem is also that we do not think, "We are doing this service for the Lord, we are not doing it not for ourselves."

Gurudev gave also one example. Suppose one devotee is distributing prasadam and other devotees are sitting in a ten-feet-long line and taking prasadam. Somebody thinks, "Oh, I have not got any paneer!" or, looking at somebody else's plate, they think, "He has good things on his plate, and I have not got any." Such mood is not good. It means that this person is taking paneer—this person is not taking prasadam. Those who take prasadam must have the right consciousness, and the devotee who distributes prasadam must be also careful and make sure that everybody gets equal things. Both are necessary.

Therefore, we must control our tongue (jihva veg, urges of the tongue), we must control our mind (mano veg, urges of the mind), we must control our stomach (uddhara veg, urges of the stomach), we must control our sex desire (upastha veg, urges of the genitals), we must control our anger (krodha veg, urges of anger), we must control our speech (vakya veg, urges of speech). We must control everything. "Chhaya vega dami' chhaya dosa sodhi' chhaya guna deha' dase (ছয় বেগ দমি' ছয় দোষ শোধি ছয় গুণ দেহ দাসে). O Vaishnav Thakur! Please subjugate my six urges, rectify my six defects, and bestow the six good qualities upon this servant."

Six urges:
(1) Urge of speech (vakya-veg).
(2) Urge of mind (mano-veg).
(3) Urge of anger (krodha-veg).
(4) Urge of tongue (jihva-veg).
(5) Urge of stomach (uddhara-veg).
(6) Urge of genitals (upastha-veg).

Six defects:
(1) Eating too much, hoarding things (atyahara).
(2) Engaging in material activities that are not favourable to devotion (prayas).
(3) Talking too much or talking nonsense (prajalpa).
(4) Following inferior practices or neglect of activities favourable to devotion (niyamagraha).
(5) Associating with non-devotees (janasanga).
(6) Being fickle-minded (laulya).

Six good qualities:
(1) Enthusiasm in service and devotional practice.
(2) Confidence: firm faith.
(3) Patience: never slackening your practice.
(4) Do what is favourable to devotion (sacrifice of your own happiness for Krishna's happiness).
(5) Avoiding bad association.
(6) Following the sadhus' practice.

We have so many bad qualities, but we must be proper, pure disciples through good association. That is our vision. We must try to be proper servitors.

Sometimes, you keep on making some offence, time and time again you keep doing something wrong, making some mistake, and you think that since the temple manager is not doing or saying anything (he overlooks it because he has tolerance), then it is not a big matter and day by day you keep making offences, you keep doing bad things. You must be careful with this. You make one offence, two offences, three offences, five offences every day—this is not good. A practitioner will think, "OK, I have made a mistake today, but next time I will not do that again." It is necessary to have such mood.

...I am telling to everybody—come at Gaura Purnima. You must join us for the Nabadwip Dham parikrama, this parikrama is necessary for all devotees, do not miss it. Come and join Nabadwip Dham parikrama. I am praying to Gurudev for you all. Gurudev's Vyasa Puja is coming soon, it is on 14 December this year, and I must prepare everything, there will be a big festival in Nrisingha Palli, please come to this festival, join us, and try to come at the Gaura Purnima time. Come at any time, you are always welcome.

Gracias. Jay Gurudev.

Jay Om Vishnupad Jagad-Guru Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj ki jay
Om Vishnupad Jagad-Guru Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj ki jay
Bhagavan Sri Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur Prabhupad ki jay
Jay Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharva Govinda Sundarjiu ki jay
All the assembled devotees ki jay
All the worldwide devotees ki jay
Harinam sankirtan ki jay
Nitai Gaura premanande Hari bol



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