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Leaving Maya's Shelter

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Srila Gurudev's Vyasa Puja Adhivas, Nrisingha Palli
13 December 2019, part 3


We do not understand this. People think, "If I take initiation, then who will take care of my children? Who will take care of my young wife? What will become of my grandchildren if my son or daughter dies?" This is ego. Thinking others will suffer without you is ego. Nothing will happen to them without your care and nourishment. Everyone is taken care of by He who is Protector, who is Maintainer. Krishna is our maintainer.

দৈন্য, আত্মনিবেদন, গোপ্তৃত্বে বরণ ॥
'অবশ্য রক্ষিবে কৃষ্ণ'—বিশ্বাস পালন ॥

dainya, atma-nivedana, goptrtve varana
'avasya raksibe krsna'—visvasa palana

Humility, self-submission, embracing the Lord’s guardianship, maintaining the faith that 'Krishna will certainly protect me'...

This is surrender. Embracing the Lord's guardianship means realising that Krishna is our maintainer—He takes care of us, He protects us.

দৈন্য, আত্মনিবেদন, গোপ্তৃত্বে বরণ ॥
'অবশ্য রক্ষিবে কৃষ্ণ'—বিশ্বাস পালন ॥

dainya, atma-nivedana, goptrtve varana
'avasya raksibe krsna'—visvasa palana

"(1) Humility, (2) self-submission, (3) embracing the Lord's guardianship, (4) maintaining the faith that ‘Krishna will certainly protect me.'"

ভক্তি-অনুকূল মাত্র কার্য্যের স্বীকার ।
ভক্তি-প্রতিকূল ভাব—বর্জ্জনাঙ্গীকার ॥

bhakti-anukula matra karyera svikara
bhakti-pratikula bhava—varjanangikara

"(5) Engaging only in activities that are favourable to devotion, (6) rejecting everything unfavourable to devotion."

ষড়ঙ্গ শরণাগতি হইবে যাঁহার ।
তাঁহার প্রার্থনা শুনে শ্রীনন্দকুমার ॥

sad-anga saranagati ha-ibe yanhara
tanhara prarthana sune sri-nanda-kumara

"Sri Krishna hears the prayers of those who surrender in the six-fold way."

Those who truly take shelter of Gurudev, who truly always listen to Gurudev can understand this. Otherwise, people always worry how to eat well, how to sleep well, how to dress well. They live following the whims of their minds; and the mind is always naughty.

কাম-ক্রোধ আদি ছয় বাটপাড়ে দেয় ভয়
অবসান হৈল আসি বেলা

kama-krodha-adi chaya batapare deya bhaya
avasana haila asi bela

I am attacked by the six highway robbers lead by kama and krodha, and my life is coming to its end...

("Anadi karama-phale" by Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur)

All this keeps us bogged down in various ways—Maya will always keep you in her net of illusory environment. Maya's duty is to remove you from the Lord's service and keep you away from it. If some fortunate soul can come to take shelter at the holy lotus feet of Sri Guru severing the illusory bondage and keeping themselves in Guru's service, then they are very fortunate. There is no one in this world more fortunate than them.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur said this about tridandi-sannyas. I said today when I was giving sannyas [to Sripad Bhakti Ujjval Sajjan Maharaj],

সন্ন্যাসীর ধর্ম্ম,—নহে সন্ন্যাস করিঞা ।
নিজ জন্মস্থানে রহে কুটুম্ব লঞা ॥

sannyasira dharma nahe—sannyasa karina
nija janma-sthane rahe kutumba lana

"After accepting sannyas, it is not the duty of a sannyasi to remain at his birthplace, encircled by relatives."

(Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, 3.177)

Those who do that (who take sannyas but then go back to their previous family or keep connection with them) are not sannyasis, they are vantasis. Vantasi means you vomit something and then you eat what you have vomited...



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