Inconceivable Mercy

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Ekachakra Dham, late morning class
5 February 2020, part 4


We can understand Krishna consciousness if we have a desire to serve the Lord—if we have utsaha (enthusiasm), if you want to serve the Lord, if you want to serve Nityananda Prabhu. You can see how merciful Lord Krishna is, but Mahaprabhu is more merciful than Krishna, and Nityananda Prabhu is even more merciful than Gauranga.

Krishna gave mercy to Putana who had come to kill Him. It is inconceivable. He gave mercy to those who came to kill Him, and not only kill—if one kills a baby, there is even more offence in that. So, Krishna gave mercy to a baby-killer. Krishna rescued her.

By the influence of bad association of Kamsa, Purtana became very bad. One day, she wore a gopi-dress and came to Krishna when He was only a few days old. Seeing her gopi-dress, Krishna became pleased (you can understand how dear gopis are to Him). Because Krishna became pleased to see her gopi-dress, Krishna gave her the right to show motherhood. When Krishna took Putana's breast and started sucking it, He took her life. When Putana felt it, she cried, "Leave me! Leave me!" but Krishna says, "I do not easily catch anybody, but if I do catch anybody, I will not leave them so easily."

Putana ran out of the house—she had time to run a little far and then fell down dead. Everybody could see then the demoniac body of Putana—it was so big that it could not be cremated. So, the Vraja basis cut her body into many pieces and burnt them. When they were burning her body, the whole of Vrindavan was full of the smell of sandalwood, camphor, etc. This is the proof that Krishna gave her His mercy. Does everyone's body emanate sandalwood smell when it is burned? No. But when Putana's body was being burnt, the smell of aguru (fragrant water distilled from a herb), chandan (sandalwood), etc. was coming. Everybody was surprised, "What is happening?" And somebody told, "Oh, they are burning Putana."



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Perfect Service Mood
'Through association even a naughty man can become perfect. If you rub a piece of iron against a magnet, the iron gets the power of the magnet. In the same way, if you keep good association, through that some of its power will also come to you.'


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Why do we eat? Why is it necessary to eat? Because you are hungry? No. It is necessary to eat for service—for service you need to put something into your stomach, not for hunger.