My Question to You

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Translated into English from Bengali
15 February 2020, part 1


Once again, we have gathered here as each year. You have all assembled here—so many people listen to Hari-katha, listen to the message of the Lord. We have been practising hearing and chanting in the line of pure devotion for so many years. Some of us are now sixty-eighty years old, but still, none of us has got an opportunity to glorify the Lord (to chant His kirtan) properly.

You love your wife, son, daughter, grandchildren so much, but can you say, from the bottom of your heart, that you love the Lord as much as you love them? That is the question. Your wife, sons, daughters, etc. are all disguised dacoits. A few days later they will leave you or you will leave them. You love your temporary relatives and satisfy them in so many different ways, but can any of us serve the Lord with as much love and affection as you have for them? That is my question to you.

You have a wife, son, daughter, friends, husband, relatives, grandchildren, but the relationship you have with them is bodily, it is a blood relation. Yet, do we love the Lord to the same extent that we love them? We do not. We do not love God—we love our relatives and friends more... We do not even have faith in those who are related to the Lord—we do not have faith in our guru and Vaishnavs; we do not love them as much as we love our material family.

We create many relations in this world that last only one-two days, but the association of pure devotees is eternal. To get their association means to follow what they say. We always call our family and friends, we ask them how they are, what the news are, etc. But do we have that kind of relationship with our guru and Vaishnavs? If such relationship with your guru and Vaishnavs does not come, you will keep thinking—I have been practising for so long, but why must I serve the Lord? There should be eagerness and joy in your service. Why must I leave all my thirst for gain, all the enjoyment in this world and worship the Lord? This is my question for you today.



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