Selfless and Unconditional Service

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Evening class, Sri Nrisingha Palli
2 March 2020, part 4


Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Sometimes I see there is some comparison with Ramachandra, the king of Ayodhya—some comparison of the devotees of Krishna and the devotees of Lord Rama. For example, we see that King Dasarath sent his son to the forest because he had promised it to his wife—he told her he would give her anything she wanted; and he did not want to lie. On the other hand, Vasudev told his brother-in-law not to kill his sister (Vasudev's wife)—he said, "I am a religious man (sadhu), and I promise to you that I will hand over all children that we get, one by one, to you." However, when his eighth child was born, although he had promised to give him to Kamsa, Vasudev took Him away and hid Him replacing Him with a daughter that was born of Yasoda. He did not keep his promise. That is love.

Another thing is that when Krishna was born, at first Vasudev and Devaki prayed to Him and worshipped Him as the Supreme Lord, they forgot that their child was born; but Nanda Maharaj and Mother Yasoda did not think like that. One day, Sri Baladev came to Mother Yasoda and said, "Your son is eating soil!" Mother Yasoda came running to Krishna, "Are You eating soil?!" Krishna said, "No, mother, no! It is all lies!" Then, Mother Yasoda opened His mouth to take the soil out and saw the entire universe in His mouth. After a second, she again forgot it and said, "O Krishna, my Gopal, are You OK? Come with me, come. I will give you paneer, etc." That is the difference between Devaki-Vasudev and Yasoda-Nanda Maharaj. Also, Nanda Maharaj got the chance to make the festival for Lord Krishna's birthday—Vasudev and Devaki did not get that chance.

There is madhurya rasa in Krishna-lila, but in Ramachandra's pastimes, all the residents of the Ayodhya kingdom told that Sita Devi was not pure. She had already passed the test (of fire), but even then she did not oppose further questions. However, Laksman cried when Rama ordered him to take Sita to the ashram of Valmiki. In Treta yuga, Laksman came as a younger brother, so he could not oppose Ramachandra, but he said, "When I come next time, I will not come as a younger brother again!" We can see also that even in Dvapar-yuga Baladev does not obey Krishna—Balaram comes as an elder brother, and He controls Krishna; that is the service that He has got—He can control Krishna. In this Kali-yuga also, Nityananda Prabhu came first, and sometimes Nityananda Prabhu controls Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu—He breaks His danda, He does so many things. Baladev does everything.

Then, we can easily understand how to serve Krishna. We see in the scripture of Ramayana, we hear about Hanuman, how he served Ramachandra, how strong his desire to serve Ramachandra was. We also must have such desire to serve the Lord; we also must be anxious to make the Lord happy, to make our Guru and Vaishnavs happy, to make Krishna happy. This is our main purpose in life.

It is very difficult to find a proper guru in this world, but it is also just as difficult to find a proper disciple. Unless you are a proper disciple, how will you be a proper guru? There must be no acharya abhiman (ego of a guru). "I will always be a disciple"—this is the main mood. We must always be disciples.

Ego is a burden. If you put a fifty kg sack of potato on your head, you will feel pain, you will sweat, etc.—even if you are put into an A/C room, you will not feel any peace there because there is so much burden on your head. What burden is that? "I have so much property," "I am a rich man," etc. Somebody is beautiful and they are very proud of it. Somebody is very educated, etc. We must forget out ego. How can we forget it? If we pay obeisance to our Guru and Vaishnavs, then all our ego will be removed just as you will feel relief when you take the fifty kg sack of potato off from your head and put it down. Pay obeisance to the Lord, to Gurudev and Vaishnavs, then your ego will be removed.



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