Parikrama Plan

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Evening class, Sri Nrisingha Palli
3 March 2020, part 1, translated from Bengali


We are very happy today that Srila Ashram Maharaj has come. He arrived two days ago, but took a little rest in Kolkata and has come here today. Also, Sripad Tyagi Maharaj has come today. We are very happy that our Sri Nabadwip Dham parikrama is going to start soon. Does everybody remember when it starts? On Thursday, the day after tomorrow. Thursday is ekadasi, but there is no fast on this day, the fast is on the mahadvadasi day (the day after ekadasi, i.e. Friday).

As last year, we will start the parikrama from Godrumdwip. You know that nine kinds of devotion reside on the nine islands of Nabadwip: sravanam (Simantadwip), kirtanam (Godrumdwip), smaranam (Madhyadwip), pada-sevanam (Koladwip), archanam (Rtudwip), vandanam (Jahnudwip), dasyam (Modadrumdwip), sakhyam (Rudradwip), atma-nivedanam (Antardwip). Here, Godrumdwip is the abode of kirtan.

On the first day, we will see Godrumdwip and some places of Madhyamdwip. On the second day, we will go to Antardwip (Mayapur), Simantadwip, and Rudradwip. On the third day, we will go to Koladwip (the temples of Prauddha Maya, Vriddha Siva). On the last (fourth) day, we will go to the remaining part of Koladwip, Ritudwip, Jahnudwip, and Modadrumdwip.

However, there is one thing that you all must remember. From next year, our parikrama will be five days, independent from where we do it—from the main Math or from here. Now, when we do it in four days, we often do not visit some places properly, sometimes it gets very late, everybody has to walk too much every day, etc.—that is why we have decided to increase the parikrama by one day from the next year. So, next year we will start Sri Nabadwip Dham parirkama one day earlier. You know that the calendar has come already out, you can take it home and check there—everything is written there. We will start on the dasami day—the parikrama will be on dasami, ekadasi, dvadasi, trayodasi, and chaturdasi. Remember this.

Now, the present mahajanas (great souls) will speak, and I will speak after them. [His Divine Grace invites Srila Ashram Maharaj, and then Sripad Tyagi Maharaj to speak.]



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