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Chad Kazi: Defeated Again

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Tarakeshwar Temple, evening class,
11 February 2021, part 2
Translated from Bengali


Mahaprabhu came to the house of Chad Kazi with a lot of devotees, and when Chad Kazi saw them coming, he quickly hid inside the house. Mahaprabhu said politely, "What is wrong, Kazi? Why are you sitting behind the closed door? We are your guests. Is this what your religion says? Does it say in Quran or Hadith that when guests come to you, you must close the door and hide?" Hearing this, Chad Kazi came out. Mahaprabhu then told him,

"What is the matter? So many people chant kirtan in various villages, why did you break the mridanga?"

"Prabhu, can I speak to You privately?" asked Chad Kazi.

"Why privately? Everyone here are My people, you can speak in front of everyone."

(Actually, Chad Kazi was Kamsa, Krishna's uncle, in Dvapar-yuga.) So, Chad Kazi said,

"Prabhu, that day when I broke the mridanga, I went to sleep. Suddenly, I felt so much heavy pressure on my chest. Then, I saw a half-lion, half-man with huge claws! Having glanced at Him just once, I closed my eyes in fear. This Narasimha told me, 'You have broken a mridanga, so I will break your chest today!' You will not believe me, but look—" saying this Chad Kazi opened his shirt and showed Mahaprabhu a claw scar on his chest. Then, he continued, "Narasimha told me, 'Because you have closed your eyes in fear, I will spare you today. But if you ever do this again—if you try to obstruct kirtan in any way—all your dynasty will be destroyed!' That is why I am not obstructing kirtan any more. There is one more thing. People come to me and complain that there is even more kirtan now. I told them, 'I cannot go. If you can stop it, you can do it, but I cannot.' Later, they came back to me, and I saw that their beards had been all burnt and they had blisters on their faces! After that, I never tell anyone to stop all this 'Hari bol'."

"You yourself are saying Hari bol now!" said Mahaprabhu. "You always say 'haram', 'haram' ['inauspicious' in Muslim tradition], but you yourself take the Name of Lord Rama (Ha Ram! O Rama!)!"

"Prabhu, I have told everyone in my family that if they do not chant kirtan, I will kick them out."

That is why every year we always visit Chad Kazi's samadhi during Nabadwip Dham parikrama (on the afternoon of the first day). This Muslim Kazi became a devotee. There is a tree that still grows there from those days. Nabadwip is not only Mayapur, there are other places also. One of those places is the samadhi of Chad Kazi...


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