Your Fearless Lotus Feet


Vyasa-puja offering for His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj written by His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj, in 1957.

1) They come from such faraway lands
Bearing gifts of worship in their outstretched hands,
Fervently they hasten—your kinsmen in bands
To greet you on this, your Holy Birthday.

2) At your Fearless Lotus Feet they happily rejoice
With streaming eyes and stuttering voice,
Horripilating body and a love that's choice—
Considering themselves most fortunate.

3) O most Magnanimous Master, gracefully forgiving,
On this Holy Day to offer I have practically nothing,
What little I have is sullied and trifling,
Not worthy of offering to thee.

4) Burning in repentance for my one time thoughtlessness,
Your feet's shelter I beg in all repentance
May I not ever lose you from inadvertence,
Please grant only fearlessness to me.

5) Having lost myself in Maya's delusion
I've found only flickering pleasure and convulsion
On the giant wheel of virtue and indiscretion—
And a garland of cradles and sepulchers.

6) Absorbed in a great purposeless search
Away I have pushed the true wealth of this birth,
And tossed between heaven and earth,
I've gotten only a burning fever.

7) An abysmal hellfire ignites all around
Projecting its snout while flames leap and bound,
Expanding a huge cavernous mouth—
Intending only to devour me.

8) World-engulfing and world-scorching flames
Cause me to run hither and thither in torment
And wearied I drop into a slumbering suspense
In Mahamaya's dense trickery.

9) This great sinner, this fallen outcaste
Infatuated by the six enemies is aghast
As lust and greed propel him fast—
To the shore of the ocean of death.

10) My uncontrolled mind—a will o' the wisp
Takes no good counsel, though I give it the whip
Carrying its burden in a subconscious grip—
Hastens me to doom's doorstep.

11) Please save me Lord! Out of your own kind goodness
Your glance alone defeats Maya's madness
O shelter of all the poor and helpless
May the world behold your grace.

12) Maya's bonds I cannot break
Your Lotus Foot Dust for to take
Do sever these bonds and forever make Your
Holy Lotus Feet my serving place.

13) Many a helpless wretch has found
Shade and shelter 'neath your ground
But this fallen soul by Maya bound—
Can only heave long sighs.

14) The Nectar Ganges Name you brought
Saved many helpless souls distraught
And yet this worthless slave is caught—
Deceived by day and night.

15) My self-surrender is just a farce
To call my own, my wealth is sparse
O Redeemer Lord! Do make me yours
And call me your very own.

16) Your Lotus Feet I humbly entreat
May Forever be my Object Sweet Lord,
Bind and nourish me with daily service
And the rope of your kind compassion.







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