From Sri Ekachakra Dham

18 February 2016




Rana Krishna Prabhu, who was attending to the roof rack of the car, is watching as the pavement
is cleaned thoroughly for the devotees to serve prasadam during the festival days.


Sripad B.T. Niriha Maharaj and Nimai Chandra Prabhu are running the preparations for the festival.


Sri Sri Guru Gaura Nityananda Prabhu's garden and cows' straw stock.



Cabbage growing happily and naturally in the garden to the joy of His Divine Grace and the devotees.


Marigolds and some other flowers.


Devotees cutting subji for the noon offering.


Cleaning and drying the banners.


By the afternoon, the kitchen pandal is covered by plastic and the devotees
move to more spacious service quarters.


The huge pot waiting to be moved to the festival kitchen.



Their Lordships Sri Guru Sri Gaura Sri Nityananda Prabhu




Sri Hadai Pandit Sri Padmavati Smriti-kunja. His Divine Grace commented recently:
without remembering Sri Hadai Pandit and Sri Padmavati Devi it is not possible
to receive mercy of Sri Nityananda Prabhu.


Our holy Sri Ekachakra Temple.


The bookroom is run by the devotees regularly and quite successfully.


During the evening class of His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj.


Sripad B.C. Parvat Maharaj seated to the right of His Divine Grace.


The fortunate souls whom Sriman Nityananda Prabhu has brought to His Dham and House.




During the evening prasad seva.






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In this world no one is your enemy, no one is your friend.
Only Krishna is your friend—if you make Him your friend.