Sri Jagannath Misra's Anandotsav

Tuesday, 10 March 2020
Nadia, West Bengal



pujya-sri-guru-varga-vandita-mahabhavanvitayah sada
bhakter nirmala-nirjharasya nibhrtam samraksakam sadaram
vande sri-gurudevam anata-sira acharya-varyam nijam

"I bow my head in eternal obeisance to my Gurudev, the best of acharyas, Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj. He is the ever vigilant, stalwart guardian of the current of pure devotion whose highest form flows from our most worshippable Sri Rupanuga Guru-varga in their exclusive dedication to Mahabhav, Srimati Radharani."

vaisnavera pada-dhuli tahe mora snana-keli
tarpana mora vaisnavera nama
vaisnavera uchchhista tahe mora mano-nistha
vaisnavera namete ullasa

"The feet dust of the Vaishnavs is where I sport and take bath, Vaishnavs' name is the water oblation. My mind is intently fixed upon the remnants of Vaishnavs, and I am elated at the name of Vaishnavs."

gangara-parasa ha-ile paschate pavana
darsane pavitra kara—ei tomara guna

"If the Ganges touches someone, they are purified some time later; but one becomes purified just by seeing you, O Vaishnava Thakur. Such is your power."

gaura amara ye-saba sthane
karala bhramana range
se-saba sthana heriba ami

"In the company of loving devotees, I shall behold all the places my Gaurasundar roamed during His ecstatic Pastimes."

nadiya udayagiri purna-chandra gaura-hari
krpa kari ha-ila udaya
papa-tamo haila nasa, tri-jagatera ullasa,
jagabhari hari-dhvani haya

"By His causeless mercy the full moon Gaurahari arose in the district of Nadia, which is compared to Udayagiri, where the sun first becomes visible—His rising in the sky destroyed the darkness of sin; all three worlds became joyful and chanted the Holy Name of the Lord."





Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj, Srila B.K. Ashram Maharaj and Sripad B.B. Puri Maharaj preside over the annual grand assembly of Visva-Vaishnava-raja Sobha.


Sadly, many devotees leave on this day hurrying back to their homes and duties. His Divine Grace repeatedly stresses that it is inauspicious, very painful and sad that devotees leave on the day when Sri Jagannath Misra and Sri Sachi Devi (along with all 330 million demigods and all gods) celebrate the birth of their beloved son. Many do not remember this, therefore during the lecture His Divine Grace reminds devotees of the relationship with their Guru and earnestly requests them not to forget it, not to fall into the clutches of Maya.



Sripad Rama Krishna Prabhu, the leader of Uluberia yatra, is taking His Divine Grace's leave to return to his services at the new temple.


Sripad Shanta Maharaj and Sripad Muni Maharaj addressing the assembled devotees narrating many pastimes of the Lord and reminding of the importance of Vaishnav-seva.


Sripad B.B. Puri Maharaj (on the right) speaking.


Sripad Bhakti Ujjval Sajjan Maharaj has been tirelessly and very happily attending to the bookstore service throughout the festival.

After Srila Acharya Maharaj, Srila Ashram Maharaj, Sripad Sadhu Maharaj, Sripad Shanta Maharaj, Sripad Muni Maharaj, and Sripad Puri Maharaj's speeches, devotees joyfully partake of prasadam. Many hundreds and hundreds of devotees, friends, and guests come to take prasadam on this holy day.


During the evening arati.








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