Om Vishnupad Srila B.S. Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj's Sri Vyasa Puja Festival at Sri Nrisingha Palli

Friday, 1 January 2021
Nabadwip, Nadia, West Bengal
Photographs courtesy of Sripad B.N. Sadhu Maharaj



pujya-sri-guru-varga-vandita-mahabhavanvitayah sada
bhakter nirmala-nirjharasya nibhrtam samraksakam sadaram
vande sri-gurudevam anata-sira acharya-varyam nijam

"I bow my head in eternal obeisance to my Gurudev, the best of acharyas, Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj. He is the ever vigilant, stalwart guardian of the current of pure devotion whose highest form flows from our most worshippable Sri Rupanuga Guru-varga in their exclusive dedication to Mahabhav, Srimati Radharani."

vaisnavera pada-dhuli tahe mora snana-keli
tarpana mora vaisnavera nama
vaisnavera uchchhista tahe mora mano-nistha
vaisnavera namete ullasa

"The feet dust of the Vaishnavs is where I sport and take bath, Vaishnavs' name is the water oblation. My mind is intently fixed upon the remnants of Vaishnavs, and I am elated at the name of Vaishnavs."

gangara-parasa ha-ile paschate pavana
darsane pavitra kara—ei tomara guna

"If the Ganges touches someone, they are purified some time later; but one becomes purified just by seeing you, O Vaishnava Thakur. Such is your power."




After the mangal arati, devotees go on a short parikrama in the vicinity.


Coming to pay obeisance at the old Sri Nrisinghadev's temple.






In the meantime, Sripad Rama Krishna Prabhu continues the temple programme.



Many devotees are busily engaged in cooking services. In the picture: cleaning peas.



The four islands of Sri Nabadwip Dham and the nine devotional practices represented by each island.


The writing says, "Do not climb up," to prevent visitors climbing up on the mandir of the Lordship.


Preparing the paraphernalia for the festival arati.


A glimpse of the kitchen.


In the morning, His Divine Grace comes to speak Hari-katha to the assembled devotees and sing a few selected kirtans.




Sri Gurupadpadma has often spoken of Krishna Sundar Didi's sweet surrendered mood and dedication in the recent classes. Picture here, she is cooking sweet rice with khejur gur for the pleasure of the Lordships and Vaishnavs, and Sri Gauranga Prabhu assisting. In the evening, His Divine Grace noted that many of the Gaudiya Vaishnavs commented that they had never tasted such kind of sweet rice at any of the temples, they were very happy with it.


Devotees honour prasadam in the morning.



Sripad Sajjan Maharaj is overwhelmed by a sudden influx of devotees at the bookstore.



His Divine Grace comes again to the nat mandir a few hours later to start the main festive programme.




Making posta bara (white poppy seed fritters).






Soon the august Dhama-bhusana Vaishnav-vrinda arrives at the festival.


Honourable sannyasis from Gaudiya Maths take turns to speak in glorification of Srila B.S. Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj.
















After the class, all devotees offer puspanjali to Srila Gurudev.






His Divine Grace takes all the Nabadwip dignitaries upstairs to offer them prasadam.









Sripad Niriha Maharaj and Sri Kamalendu Prabhu are distributing pranami and gifts to the dignitaries.


His Divine Grace happily observes how devotees serve and take prasadam and makes sure everyone is fed lovingly and lavishly.






In the meantime, devotees participate in the holy arati of the Lordships and after that come to the pandal to honour maha-maha-prasadam.





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Have we become a Vaishnav or do we only wear the dress of a Vaishnav? Do we practise
properly or do we pretend and show false renunciation? We must ask ourselves.