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A Miracle and Wealth of Our Mission

(His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj speaks about the glories of Sripad Ajita Krishna Brahmachari Seva Saurabh on 4 July 2006)


...He was never angry and always did service here at Chaitanya Saraswat Math.

It was a miracle how he disappeared. He fell down from a small tree—he was doing something, perhaps making cotton wicks for the arati, and he saw there were many ripe guavas on the tree. He at once went to pick some, but it was rainy season, so the branches of the tree were very weak, and he fell down. Guru Maharaj cried so much for him... He said that he did not give us any opportunity to serve him. He served Guru Maharaj with all his life, with so much energy and attention. That was the peculiarity of Ajita Krishna Brahmachari.

I was very surprised to see his nature. No doubt, everyone has some fault, but he did not look at anyone's fault. I especially have some fault, I feel that, but Ajit Krishna Brahmachari never criticised, never pointed at any wrong in me or others.

Also, if there happened to be some excess of anything, some leftover rice for example, he would never throw it away. He would take it with his food the next day (if he could not, he would give it to the cows, he did not throw anything), and he never pushed other brahmacharis, "You must take it!" Sometimes I took that spoiled rice too, I liked to take it with salt. I saw him eating it once and asked him for some, but I took that rice with some fried things, potato or something else, but he did not care. Also, on Gaur Kishor Das Babaji Maharaj's disappearance day we usually make one chilli subji—we cannot eat that chilli subji, but he would eat it, he did not throw it away. Another thing I cannot conceive of is that there was one kind of root that makes you itch a lot, and he could eat even that. This is the kind of brahmachari he was, he did not care for any external disturbance and always served, always served.

That year I sent him to Badarikashram. I could not go there because I was sick, so I sent him there as the manager. When he came back, he was sick and very weak, but he did not care for anything. That weakness could be the cause of his fall from the tree.

That Ajit Krishna Brahmachari was an ideal servitor of Srila Guru Maharaj. I am surprised to see his mood of service. I did something, no doubt, but he used ten times more energy for the service of Guru Maharaj! That was his peculiarity. He did three Deities' seva, Guru Maharaj's seva, and also did what I asked him also. He did everything, was in charge of every seva, and happily too. That type of all-rounder brahmachari was the wealth of our mission.

When Krishna took him, I was not in Nabadwip, I was in Kolkata, but when I heard he had fallen from a tree, I immediately came to Nabadwip, but by the time they had already finished his cremation. Guru Maharaj cried so much when his body was taken away. He said, "This boy did not give even one minute chance to serve him. He was sick, and I wanted to try to serve him by some medicine, by calling a doctor, or anything, but he did not give any chance, he fell down and died..."

He always did so much service to Guru Maharaj. He had a good job in a famous Indian laboratory Bengal Immunity Company, and when his mother died, he had no more bondage so he left his job and joined the mission full time. He did not care for any family property or anything, he just said, "I do not want it."

When I remember his service, his mood of service to Guru Maharaj especially, it was a miracle for me. Everyone has some ego, it is natural—we all know ego is very bad for us, but everyone has some ego, we cannot deny it—but I tested him so many times and I have not seen even one degree of ego in him!

I was surprised he did all services and he did not sleep in the day time. Everyone took some rest, but he was not like that, and if anyone did something wrong, he always overlooked it. When someone does something wrong, we can chastise them, and he had the right to chastise them, but he did not do it. It was learnable from him. He is not was a drain-inspector, I saw it. Everyone has some fault, and they look for faults in others, but he is not like that.

He had so much attraction to Guru Maharaj and even to me also. When I told him something, he did it. Guru Maharaj told him, "When Govinda Maharaj tells you to do anything, you should follow him," and he followed it 100%. I was shy to tell him anything. That year, however, I was sick and could not go to Badarikashram. I did that parikrama every year and we would collect some money for the temple through that, but he went there that year and became sick, perhaps he had some stomach problem. I heard he passed away at 4:30. Today is his disappearance day. Guru Maharaj also gave him a title 'Seva Saurabh', and he was one of the trustees of the Math.

He was thirty two to thirty four years old when he passed away. I am surprised. It is not only rare to see a servitor like him, I have not seen anyone like him. His mentality was very, very sweet and favourable to all devotees. No one was his enemy. But in this material world when we get birth death must come and we do not know which way it will come. Today we can do a small utsav for him...

I always paid dandavat to him, but he did not take my dandavat. So, he would pay dandavat to me, and I would always mentally pay dandavat to him. There was another godbrother like him, but I do not know how free he was from envy. Ajita Krishna Brahmachari was a nirmatsar Vaishnav. I am fortunate that I have seen a great Vaishnav like him.


Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur told that wherever you stay your duty is to do everything for the service to the Lord.