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Sat, 9 December 2023

Beyond Material Bondage
'If everyone could come to the temple, it would be good, but you are living in material bondage. That is why, whether you are staying in a house or in a forest, whatever your situation is, you can practise Krishna consciousness.'


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Sri Guru Purnima Address
"My body is here, but my heart, my mind, my everything is with you. I am always thinking about you, I am always thinking about your good, how you can become better and better, how you can run the mission more and more successfully. Any service I can help you with, I will always try to do it, and I will try my best. That is my promise on this Guru Purnima day."
Download / listen to the audio (4.4 Mb, 11 min | 5 July 2020)



Today in the calendar: Krishna Dvadasi. Ekadasi paran is at 10:32:00–16:46:22. Disappearance of Srila Narahari Sarkar Thakur and Srila Kaliya Krishnadas.

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj: "Even if you do not know anything about the Vaishnav mentioned in the calendar, you must still give them 'jay' on this day. We must always remember disappearance and appearance days of all Vaishnavs. If we can remember such personalities, such great souls, it will bring a great benefit to our spiritual life."

"We should always check the calendar, and when we see some dates mentioned there, even if we do not know anything about the Vaishnav or events mentioned there, we can at least give 'jay' to them—that also brings some good sukriti, some purification to us. Seeing the calendar and taking devotees' names early in the morning, from the beginning of the day, is very good for all devotees."

"Wake up, look into the calendar and give 'jay' to your Guru and Vaishnavs. Always pay obeisance to your Guru and Vaishnavs when you wake up in the morning, always give them 'jay'. Always keep faith and show respect to them. Always see the calendar—whose appearance day it is, whose disappearance day it is. Even if you cannot make a festival, at least you can give them 'jay', it will bring you benefit. When you give 'jay' to your Guru and Vaishnavs, it brings you sukriti. For example, today is the disappearance day of a Vaishnav—give 'jay' to him, remember him. We must always remember the words of Vaishnavs. If I remember the words of Vaishnavs, I get some benefit, some deposit through that."


In honour of Srila Narahari Sarkar Thakur:

Srila B.R. Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj: "Narahari Sarkar belongs to the section of devotees who are more fond of Krishna-lila. Their vision is, 'We do not recognise You to be a sannyasi! You are that Krishna of Vrindavan, we know You well! Here, You have only put on a garment—You are wrapping Yourself in the garment of a sannyasi—but it is Your external acquaintance. We know well who You really are and we must admit that we do not like this forged identity of Yours.' This is their temperament. Rather, they feel much pain, 'What is the necessity for You to be practising penances as a sannyasi, going through so many hardships, not taking food properly, not resting in a proper bed, etc.? Our hearts are aching, but You do not care for that. How can we tolerate all these things?' That is their nature and complaint to Mahaprabhu. They feel that it is all a sham."

Strongest Faith (3) Raghunandan Thakur
"Mukunda's son Raghunandan also has full faith. One day, when he was ten years old, his mother said to him, 'Raghunandan, I am very busy today. I have cooked the offering, but I have no time to offer it to the Deities. You can offer today...'"
Download / listen to the audio (1 Mb, 3 min | 10 March 2015)

Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhura Sochaka
A song composed by Srila Narahari Thakur in glorification of Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu's life, character, and service. Bengali verses and English transliteration.


In honour of Srila Kaliya Krishnadas:

Srila B.S. Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj: "Nityananda Prabhu accepted everyone but would chastise those who were offensive. Mahaprabhu showed some caution in distributing Krishna-nama and Krishna-prema: He followed the rules and regulations of sannyas life very strictly and because of this Mahaprabhu could not give shelter to offenders. When Mahaprabhu went to South India He took Kaliya Krishna Das with Him. In Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita he is referred to as Kala Krishna Das. On their tour Kaliya Krishna Das suffered some disturbance with some women and Mahaprabhu rescued him from that. Later when they returned to Jagannath Puri Mahaprabhu said, "I want to leave this boy Kaliya Krishna Das, he was irresponsible and greatly disturbed our mission. I don't want to keep him with Me. I do not want to be responsible for him." Kaliya Krishna Das, as an eternal parsad devotee (of Sri Nityananda Prabhu), played this role in the Lord's drama. At that time Nityananda Prabhu did not leave him, He told Mahaprabhu, "If You do not want to keep him it is no problem, I will take him. I will send him to Nabadwip to give news to Sachi Mata and the other devotees that You have come back from South India." In this way Nityananda Prabhu showed His extreme mercy and Kaliya Krishna Das spent the rest of his life with Nityananda Prabhu. So even when Mahaprabhu is angry, Nityananda Prabhu keeps devotees at His lotus feet. The conditioned souls can have much hope when they see the very deep and merciful character of Sri Nityananda Prabhu."

(The Divine Pastimes of Sri Nityananda Prabhu)



Fri, 8 December 2023 (Sri Utpanna Ekadasi)

Old Service, Spoilt Service
'Whatever the situation is, you must always give up what is unfavourable to devotion. You want to drink milk to get nutrients and you also eat tobacco – you will not get any benefit like that. We must always remember what is unfavourable to devotion.'
Download / listen to the audio (12.3 Mb, 30 min | 16 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Sri Guru Purnima: Remembrance Day
"Today is a very good and auspicious day, the day of Sri Guru Purnima. On this day, we can pray to our Gurudev that he may engage us in service more and more, so that we could progress in our spiritual life, so that we could submit ourselves to him as a devotee."
Download / listen to the audio (3.4 Mb, 8 min | 5 July 2020)



Sri Ekadasi Guidance
Guidelines on how to observe and honour this holy day: Ekadasi takes an indispensible part in the life of a sincere practitioner. At Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Ekadasi and paran are observed with affection and without fail according to the dates given in the Calendar.

Srila B.R. Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj about fasting on ekadasi and accepting material facilities:

"One time, a devotee came here from Vrindavan on the day of ekadasi. He reached in the evening and, after taking a bath in the Ganges, attended kirtans, danced, circumambulated the temple and so on. Then, I asked him whether he would take any anukalpa [non-grain prasadam that is allowed to be taken on ekadasi]. He replied, 'Generally, I do not take anything, but if you like, then, of course, I must like anukalpa. Your will is greater than my fasting.' That was his decision.

"My Guru Maharaj (Srila Prabhupad Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur) always wanted maximum energy: you should take good food and do good service. That was his maxim. Krishna is not a liquidated party: take full prasadam and do full service. Do maximum service, and you should take whatever is necessary for that. You are to take it for the cause of Krishna, not for your own cause. You are Krishna's, so if you grow weak, His service will be hampered, and both you and Krishna will be losers thereby. 'My soldiers will be well-fed and well-working.' That was our Guru Maharaj's principle. Napoleon said, 'One full-fed soldier is equal to ten half-fed soldiers.'

"So, prasad-seva: if it is service, then it must be taken in a serving mood, of course. But, at the same time, the individual position of a devotee should be taken into consideration. Sahajiyas do not fast on ekadasi at all: "Oh, we are in Vrindavan, and there is no fasting in Vrindavan." But Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur, Srila Prabhupad did not like that—it is sahajiya (imitation) if you go on feeding your senses in the name of Krishna-bhakti (devotion to the Lord). For the service to Krishna, it is necessary to keep up the body and to provide nourishment to it, so we must take what is necessary for service. We do not like it if by fasting, a loss of energy is effected. If fasting does not hamper your service, you may go on fasting—perhaps, your Gurudev wanted that...

"For service, I must accept what is necessary to make me physically fit so that I can render more service. So, accepting material things is not objectionable. It is fruitful, not detrimental. Rather, it produces something of a pure character, which helps everyone. This is how a disciple receives and accepts things. At that same time, he may even blame himself, 'I cannot go on with my worldly life without the help of this or that!' He will blame himself, but the underlying spirit must be, 'If I do not take it, I shall be unfit; I will not be able to do my bit of service to the Lord, to my Gurudev.'

"Moreover, by taking up renunciation, I will be a loser. I will incur a loss for myself, for the world, and my Guru's service will be hampered. In this spirit, devotees are to take everything. For the cause of Krsna, for the cause of his Guru, they will accept anything.

"Suppose there is a very miserly karmachari (manager). Because he does not want to spend money, he may not attain a particular result; then, some difficulty comes, and the opportunity is lost. This manager will be responsible to the proprietor: 'Why did you not spend money? Why are you afraid of spending money from my store? Because of your miserly habit, the opportunity has been lost!' 'Why should you not spend My money for My interest?' So, to render service to Krishna, to my Gurudev, to Vaishnavs, to the world, to everyone, I must keep up this mundane body, and I am entitled to take something for that.

"Miserliness is mayavada; it is the renunciation spirit, and it will mar Krishna's interest. What we need is yukta-vairagya: I shall take from the store of Krishna to keep myself fit and to do service. It is Krishna's account, and if I do dot do that, I should be a separationist, a mayavadi, a renunciationist. I shall render maximum service to Krishna, and I must take without any hestitation whatever is necessary to make myself fit for the service; otherwise, I shall be punishable."


"Sri Ekadasi" (Sri Sri Prema Vivarta)
"One day, Gaurahari left the Gundicha Temple and sat in the Jagannath Vallabha garden. It was pure Ekadasi, and the Lord spent the whole day and night chanting the Name of Krishna..."

SONG: Suddha-bhakata | শুদ্ধ ভকত-চরণ-রেণু
"I carefully observe the holy days related to Madhava, they are the mother of devotion."

SONG: Sri hari-vasare | শ্রীহরি-বাসরে হরি
"On the holy day of Sri Hari, Sriman Mahaprabhu, the life and soul of the universe, began dancing..."


"Observing Ekadasi"
"Ekadasi Vrata: Make Your Guru Happy"
"No Other Shelter"
"Ekadasi and liberation"
"Ekadasi Tithi: One of the Practices"
"Yogini Ekadasi"
"Ekadasi: Historical Background"
"Ekadasi: Main Focus Is Service"
Ekadasi Struggle?
"Make the Teachings of Sri Guru Non-Different from Your Heart"
Ekadasi: Devotional Practice
Ekadasi Struggle?


"You do not need to know the meaning of each ekadasi tithi because if you know it, you will want to get this result, that result, etc."

(Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj)

Thu, 7 December 2023

Spread Gurudev's Mercy
'When a devotee receives Vaishnavs' mercy, they extend, or spread, the influence of that mercy onto others. It is necessary to preach about our gurudev, about his glories and qualities.'
Download / listen to the audio (12.3 Mb, 30 min | 16 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Abode of Highest Pastimes
"Whether Vrindavan is a village or a town, it does not matter. What matters is that Vrindavan is the highest place because, firstly, our guru-varga has said so, and, secondly, because we can see what pastimes go on in Vrindavan."
Download / listen to the audio (2.2 Mb, 6 min | 28 June 2020)


Wed, 6 December 2023

Mahaprabhu Settles in Puri
'Mahaprabhu visited various places, arranged everything with Srila Rupa Goswami, Srila Sanatan Goswami; having settled everything all over India, He lastly came to Puri and stayed there. He spent His last eighteen years in Puri, performing His internal pastimes during the last four years.'
Download / listen to the audio (12.3 Mb, 30 min | 16 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Waning Values
"Gurudev said that the storekeeper or the temple manager will be the one who always thinks about everybody. A manager is a great servant, a big guardian. You must be a real mother. But this kind of love and affection is not there any more..."
Download / listen to the audio (1.8 Mb, 5 min | 28 June 2020)


Tue, 5 December 2023

Baladev's Care
'Baladev is asraya-vigraha, the giver of power. His position is such that He is present within the temple and all service paraphernalia of the Lord. Whatever is required for the Lord's service, Nityananda Prabhu assumes the required form and serves the Lord.'
Download / listen to the audio (12.3 Mb, 30 min | 16 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Applying Intelligence
• Is it important to study the meaning of slokas and scriptures? • We should ask our guardian, but I do not want to bother you; • How can we avoid quarrelling and fighting? • If somebody speaks bad about our guru-parampara, speaks nonsense, or does nonsense, how do we see Krishna in that?
Download / listen to the audio (4.8 Mb, 12 min | 28 June 2020)


Mon, 4 December 2023

Change of Mood
'After He took sannyas, Mahaprabhu's mood became different. Even when He took first initiation, His mood also changed. When Mahaprabhu went to Gaya and took initiation from Ishwar Puri, His whole mood and nature changed.'
Download / listen to the audio (12.3 Mb, 30 min | 16 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Emotion and Devotion
"Practise and practise, and when you make yourself perfect, then it will manifest in your dealings, in your behaviour, in your humility, etc. that you have become perfect—then you can easily understand what is the difference between emotion and devotion."
Download / listen to the audio (5.9 Mb, 14 min | 28 June 2020)


Sun, 3 December 2023

Appreciate Prasad-Seva
'We are alive, so we have to eat something, but what should we take? Prasad. If you make something yourself and offer it the Lord, the Lord will be happier. So, you can bring something from the market, cook it and offer it.'
Download / listen to the audio (33 Mb, 79 min | 15 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

On Ego and Envy
"Ego can also be good if you think, 'I am a servant of devotees.' However, envy is much worse than ego—envy is not given any place. Envy takes one to a helpless position. If you have envy or jealousy, it is easy for you to go to hell."
Download / listen to the audio (2.3 Mb, 6 min | 28 June 2020)


Sat, 2 December 2023

Preserving Purity
'In those days, Gaudiya Vaishnavs' line had very great devotees, but now there are many sahajiyas among Gaudiya devotees who corrupt this line by chanting lila-kirtans, who speak without siddhanta, who chant "Radhe Radhe" without having this right.'
Download / listen to the audio (33 Mb, 79 min | 15 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Turn Your House Into Temple
"You can turn your house into a temple. Your house can be Goloka Vrindavan. What kind of house is that? It is a house where proper practising is going on every day. You can practise all the things that proper householders practise. What is the problem?"
Download / listen to the audio (2.5 Mb, 6 min | 28 June 2020)


Fri, 1 December 2023

Do Not Deflect
'Unless you praise somebody, it is not necessary to say anything about anybody. We must not say anything except for praise about them. If you say anything, you must speak about the siddhanta.'
Download / listen to the audio (33 Mb, 79 min | 15 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Be Responsible for Your Spiritual Life
"We must be responsible for our service and for our spiritual life, otherwise Guru and Vaishnavs will not be happy. Being responsible for your service is one of the main qualities of a servitor. It is necessary to have proper dedication and to always accept the advice of your guardian. We should not follow our mind. If we can follow all these things, then it can give a proper solution to all our problems."
Download / listen to the audio (3.4 Mb, 9 min | 28 June 2020)


Thu, 30 November 2023

Glories of Great Souls
'You must always glorify Vaishnavs; never criticise them. We must glorify their qualities (engage in guna-kirtan). You cannot get anywhere without attaining the mercy of gurus and Vaishnavs. We must speak about all their great qualities.'
Download / listen to the audio (33 Mb, 79 min | 15 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Asadhu-Sanga Saps Spiritual Strength
"If there is some fault in your heart, if you do some wrong and, thinking that nobody can see you doing it, you continue doing wrong, then it will slowly increase, and it will harm your spiritual life. We must always avoid bad association."
Download / listen to the audio (3.6 Mb, 9 min | 28 June 2020)


Wed, 29 November 2023

Do You Ever Think of It?
'A day without Hari-katha is a bad day, and we must always try to reduce the number of such days in our lives. The water that is necessary for the seeds to grow is sravan and kirtan. We must always practise it. It is necessary to read scriptures more, it is necessary to hear Hari-katha more.'
Download / listen to the audio (33 Mb, 79 min | 15 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Dangerous Query
"Different Vaishnavs have different vision. They are all our guru-varga and we cannot make any offence to our guru-varga. We must give respect to what they do. That is our simplicity and our tradition. We do not think, 'Why did he do this?' What they have done is final for us."
Download / listen to the audio (3 Mb, 7 min | 23 June 2020)


Tue, 28 November 2023

Do Not Overstep Your Limit
'It is said that only three and a half devotees served Mahaprabhu: Svarup Damodar, Ray Ramananda, Sikhi Mahiti and his niece, Srimati Malini Devi. Not even Nityananda Prabhu or Rupa-Sanatana are among them, and only three persons were with Mahaprabhu in Gambhira. So, how can we dare enter there?'
Download / listen to the audio (33 Mb, 79 min | 15 December 2020 | Bengali)


—{ Sri Gurupadpadma's Worldwide Address }—

Eternal Humble Prayer
"'When will You place Your lotus feet on my head? I have no quality, no qualification, I am such a tiny thing—please accept me as Your dog. Please...' Always pray and cry to the Lord in this way. You say, 'Yes, I am giving everything to you,' but in the meantime you always keep the key with you. This is not surrender."
Download / listen to the audio (3 Mb, 8 min | 23 June 2020)



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Sri Upadesh 1

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Sri Nabadwip Dham Mahatmya-Mukta-Mala (English)
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Odd and Ends (5)
Several educating excerpts from the lectures of His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj that were not included in the main posts:
• 'He will arrange' • Initiation & Sisya's karma • No beads in the bathroom • Prerequisite for initiation • Acharya Board's function • 'I am not doing anything' • Prasadam like nectar • Deceit-free service • A change of dress • No tilak, burning ghat • Depend upon your Guru..





8 DECEMBER (FRI). Krishna Ekadasi. Fast on Utpanna Ekadasi. Departure of Sriyukta Dhananjay Das Prabhu.

9 DECEMBER (SAT). Krishna Dvadasi. Ekadasi paran is at 10:32:00–16:46:22. Disappearance of Srila Narahari Sarkar Thakur and Srila Kaliya Krishnadas.

10 DECEMBER (SUN). Krishna Trayodasi. Disappearance of Srila Saranga Thakur.

12 DECEMBER (TUE). Amavasya. Disappearance of Srestharya Srila Jagabandhu Bhakti Ranjan.

18 DECEMBER (MON). Gaura Sasthi. Sri Sri Jagannathdev’s Odan-Sasthi. Manifestation Anniversary of Sri Sri Nitai Chaitanya at Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Sri Puri Dham.

20 DECEMBER (WED). Gaura Astami. Disappearance of Srila Madhusudan Das Babaji Maharaj.

21 DECEMBER (THU). Gaura Navami. Appearance of Tridandi-swami Srimad Bhakti Kamal Madhusudan Maharaj.

22 DECEMBER (FRI). Gaura Dasami. Disappearance of Tridandi-swami Srimad Bhakti Kusum Sraman Maharaj.

23 DECEMBER (SAT). Gaura Ekadasi. Fast on Moksada Ekadasi.

24 DECEMBER (SUN). Gaura Dvadasi. Ekadasi paran is at 6:19:52–6:36:32.

26 DECEMBER (TUE). Purnima.


28 DECEMBER (THU). Krishna Dvitiya (tithi lasts two days). Grand festival in honour of the appearance day of Om Visnupad Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Sri Srimad Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj.

30 DECEMBER (SAT). Krishna Tritiya. Festivals at Bamunpara and Nadan Ghat, the places of Om Visnupad Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj’s holy appearance and childhood pastimes.

31 DECEMBER (SUN). Krishna Chaturthi. Festival in honour of the disappearance of Bhagavan Sri Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad.



7 JANUARY (SUN). Krishna Ekadasi. Fast on Saphala Ekadasi. Disappearance of Srila Devananda Pandit and Srimad Bhakti Prakas Aranya Maharaj.

8 JANUARY (MON). Krishna Dvadasi. Ekadasi paran is at 6:23:27–9:56:25. Disappearance of Sripad Bhakti Bhudev Srauti Maharaj.

9 JANUARY (TUE). Krishna Trayodasi. Disappearance of Srila Mahes Pandit and Srila Uddharan Datta Thakur.

11 JANUARY (THU). Amavasya.

12 JANUARY (FRI). Gaura Pratipad. Appearance of Srila Lochan Das Thakur.

14 JANUARY (SUN). Gaura Tritiya. Disappearance of Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu and Srila Jagadis Pandit.

15 JANUARY (MON). Gaura Chaturthi. A three-day remembrance fesitval in honour of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s sannyas-lila.

21 JANUARY (SUN). Gaura Ekadasi. Fast on Putrada Ekadasi. Appearance of Srila Jagadis Pandit.

22 JANUARY (MON). Gaura Dvadasi. Ekadasi paran is at 6:25:07–10:00:19.

25 JANUARY (THU). Purnima. Pusyabhisek Yatra of Sri Krishna. Departure of Sripad Bhakti Saran Vaisnav Maharaj.


28 JANUARY (SUN). Krishna Tritiya. Appearance of Srila Gopal Bhatta Goswami Prabhu and disappearance of Srila Ramachandra Kaviraj.

29 JANUARY (MON). Krishna Chaturthi. Disappearance of Sripad Yadavendu Bhakti-Chandan.




Sri Gaudiya Calendar 2023-2024 (pdf)



1) Criticise sadhus, Vaishnavs
2) Consider Lord Siva and gods to be independent of Lord Krishna
3) Consider Guru to be an ordinary mortal man
4) Criticise scriptures
5) Interpret the Name with the help of a dictionary, etc.
6) Consider the Name imaginary.
7) Sin and chant to remove the sin.
8) Consider chanting equal to pious activities.
9) Instruct faithless people in chanting, inattentive chanting.
10) Remain attached to things, your body, etc.


'Gurudev can make me perfect'—such faith is necessary.