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Evening Programme in Sri Ekachakra Dham

Monday evening, 18 February 2019,
Ekachakra, Birbhum, West Bengal



pujya-sri-guru-varga-vandita-mahabhavanvitayah sada
bhakter nirmala-nirjharasya nibhrtam samraksakam sadaram
vande sri-gurudevam anata-sira acharya-varyam nijam

"I bow my head in eternal obeisance to my Gurudev, the best of acharyas, Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj. He is the ever vigilant, stalwart guardian of the current of pure devotion whose highest form flows from our most worshippable Sri Rupanuga Guru-varga in their exclusive dedication to Mahabhav, Srimati Radharani."

prati ghare ghare giya koro ei bhiksa
'bala krsna, bhaja krsna, kara krsna-siksa'

[Mahaprabhu:] "Go house to house and beg people, 'Chant the Name of Krishna, worship Krishna, follow Krishna's teachings.'"

(Sri Chaitanya-bhagavata, Madhya-khanda, 13.9)

bhaja gauranga, kaha gauranga, laha gaurangera nama re
ye jana gauranga bhaje, sei amara prana re

[Nityananda Prabhu:] "Worship Gauranga! Say Gauranga! Take Gauranga's Name! Those who worship Gauranga are My heart and soul!"

nitai gunamani amara nitai gunamani
aniya premera vanya bhasala avani

Nitai, the jewel of all good qualities, my Nitai, the jewel of all good qualities, brought a flood of divine love and inundated the earth.



nitai mora jivana dhana, nitai mora jati
nitai vihane mora ara nahi gati

"Nitai is the wealth of my life, I belong to Nitai's lineage. Without Nitai, there is no other path for me."


samsara-sukhera mukhe tule diba chhai
nagare magiya khabo gaiya nitai

"Spitting in disgust at the thought of material enjoyment, I will go village to village and chant the name of Nitai, and I will eat whatever comes to me through begging."


ye dese nitai nai, se dese na yabo
nitai-vimukha janava mukha na heriba

"I will never go to a place where Nitai has not been to. I will not look at the face of people averse to Nitai!"


ganga yanra pada-jala, hara sire dhare
hena nitai na bhajiya duhkha peye more

"I feel sad when I see people do not worship Nitai whose feet are washed by the Ganges water that Lord Siva holds on his head."


lochan bole mora nitai yeba nahi mane
anal bhejao tar majha-mukhakhane

"Lochan says, 'I will throw fire into the mouth of those who do not follow my Nitai!'"




"Nitai-pada-kamala, koti chandra-susitala, ye chhayaya jagata judaya (নিতাই-পদকমল কোটীচন্দ্র-সুশীতল যে ছায়ায় জগত জুড়ায়): cooling like ten million moons, Nitai's lotus feet soothe the world with their shade."



Parikrama and arati of Srimati Tulasi Maharani.












Three life-long stalwarts of our Mission:
Amita Sakti Devi Dasi (Venezuela), Shyamali Devi Dasi (South Africa), Anjali Devi Dasi (UK).


His Divine Grace jokes, being surprised to see Nimai Prabhu (standing in the middle) in the nat mandir at a quite early hour as all of the festival days' service kept Nimai Prabhu so busy that he would never have time to come to the class and would finish cooking only very late at night. A few years ago His Divine Grace said:

"Our cooks' department is also very good. Every day I called them at 3 a.m. so that they could start early—I knew if they did not start at 3, they would not be able to finish in time. So, I called them at 3, they started the fire, heated the pots, and carried on cooking until 5 o'clock in the evening. Do you see how much energy they have? They must be praised. The whole day they fight with the fire and stir 11 kg in those huge pots."




Sripad Parivrajak Maharaj has continued his book room service throughout the festival with the help of several devotees.




His Divine Grace checks on the books availability and order in the book room.


Late in the evening, His Divine Grace speaks to the Jharkhand servitors' squad. These boys and ladies come to every festival of our Math and give their full energy and heart to serving devotees and His Divine Grace.



Sripad Niriha Maharaj sees the Jharkhand devotees off as they leave for the train station in the Math's bus.





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