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Strong Faith—Strong Future

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Russia, 11 August 2002


I will never forget your dealings with us. You are humble, you have so much tolerance, and when I go to my country, I will go preaching village to village and show them the video, I will tell them about your dealings, about your good will, how humble you are. I will tell it to everybody in India.

Srila Guru Maharaj always says that if you want to make a building, first the pillar must be strong. If you have a strong faith, then you will have no problem, you will never fall down from this practising life.

I came here last year, and this year I see that the devotees here are progressing. It makes me very happy. I see they are very humble, they think, "We do not know anything, we have nothing," that is why they are progressing.

You know, in Mahaprabhu's times, there was Mukunda Das. He was a good singer (everybody liked to hear his singing) and a parsada (eternal associate) of Sriman Mahaprabhu, but he always disturbed Mahaprabhu, and Mahaprabhu always had to tolerate him. One day, Mahaprabhu was giving mercy to everybody, but He did not mention Mukunda's name. Srivas Pandit asked Him, "Prabhu, You told everybody's name, but why did You not tell Mukunda's name?" Mahaprabhu replied, "Because he is going everywhere, he goes to the sahajiyas, mayavadis, etc. He mixes with other sampradayas, that is why I cannot give him mercy." Mukunda heard it and became very sad. He wanted to commit suicide. He said to Srivas Pandit, "Prabhu, I wanted to commit suicide. I am singing for Mahaprabhu's happiness, but Mahaprabhu is not giving mercy to me, what for will I live then? I will commit suicide. But can you please tell it to Mahaprabhu? Also, can you please ask Him if I will get His mercy in future, in some other birth?" When Srivas Pandit asked Mahaprabhu about it, Mahaprabhu said, "Yes, he will get mercy, but not now—after millions of millions of births (a crore births)!" Mukunda heard what Mahaprabhu said and began jumping and dancing. He became so happy, "I will get Mahaprabhu! I will get Mahaprabhu! I will get mercy! One day I will get mercy!" Everybody was surprised, "What has happened? Mahaprabhu said he would get mercy in millions of millions lives, not today. It is so many millions of years from now, how is it that he believed it like this?" Mukunda had a strong faith: Mahaprabhu said, "He will get mercy one day," and he believed it. Then, Mahaprabhu called Mukunda and said to him, "Mukunda I cannot believe how much faith you have! You must get mercy now!"

So, when you have a strong faith, you will have no problem, and Srila Guru Maharaj is very happy with you all, and you too must always try to make him happy.

What can I say more? We are actually all friends, we are godbrothers and godsisters, and we will serve our Gurudev together. We do not think, "I am Indian, you are Russian," this kind of discrimination should not come. We have all come from the same place and should go back to God, back to home. This is not our house, we will not stay here long—one day we will have to leave this place. Why must we quarrel? Why must we fight? All these things are nothing.

I am inviting you all to come for any festival—our next festival is Gaura Purnima and Sri Nabadwip Dham parikrama, and you can join us. This festival is the biggest festival of our temple, and many people from all over the world are coming for this festival and do Nabadwip Dham parikrama. If you do this parikrama alone, it is not the same. If you do parikrama with the devotees, you will get a super benefit from the parikrama. I have been staying in Nabadwip for ten years, but I cannot go on this parikrama alone—when devotees go on the parikrama together, then we can follow them and go to every place...


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