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Attachment to Chanting

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Caracas, Venezuela
19 September 2009


Those who have taken initiation must always chant. You can chant Hare Krishna the whole day, no problem, and if you can chant without offences, the result will come quickly.

In Gambhira, where Mahaprabhu stayed, there were Deities of Radha Kanta, and the name of the Deities' pujari was Gopal. They lived at the same house. One day, Mahaprabhu was going to the bathroom and Gopal saw that Mahaprabhu was going there with His tongue between His teeth. He asked Him, "Prabhu, what has happened? Are you unwell, is there any problem?" Mahaprabhu answered, "My tongue is very naughty. I am going to the bathroom, but even there My tongue is chanting." Gopal said, "What is the problem? You can chant the Holy Name everywhere, even in the bathroom. Why are You stopping Your tongue?" Mahaprabhu agreed, "Yes, I was wrong." You can chant the Holy Name anywhere—even in the bathroom, even while sleeping, while writing, while walking. Then Mahaprabhu said, "Gopal! Today you have become My Guru!" and from that day his name became Gopal Guru.

So, you can chant the Holy Name anywhere. The main thing is that chanting does not come easily—
নামাক্ষর বাহিরায় বটে তবু নাম কভু নয়, Nama aksara bahiraya bate tabu Nama kabhu naya (Pv, 7.1). The letters of the Name come, but not the pure Name. Mostly what is coming is Nama aparadh, then it is Namabhas, and then comes of the pure Name.

When Mahaprabhu went to Kasi to rescue the big, big sannyasis who lived there (they were not in Mahaprabhu's line), one time a disciple of one of the sannyasis, a Sanodiya brahman, came to Mahaprabhu and asked Him, "Prabhu, all these sannyasis are expert at the Vedas, Vendanta, why do they not chant the Holy Name?" Mahaprabhu said, "Krishna Nam does not come to their tongues easily because they are offenders of Krishna Nam."

Guru Maharaj also told the same. Krishna Nam will come to your tongue automatically, on its own. As I told you before, the Holy Name is nondifferent from Krishna, it is not prakrita, mundane—it is aprakrita, transcendental; so it can easily come to your tongue and dance there.

You know Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj always chanted the Holy Name, and he would often come to our Math. One time, I remember Gurudev told us that somebody said about him, "That sadhu always comes, he does not do any service, only always chants—he always comes to eat here." When Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj heard this, he went to his room and locked the door. He stayed there and only chanted, without taking any prasadam, without eating anything. After five days somebody broke his door and they saw that he was almost dying, but even at that time he chanted, "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna..." That is what is called a sadhu...


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Odds and Ends
'Sometimes devotees do wrong—they fast on Ekadasi and they also make Gaura Nitai fast. Gaura Nitai will not fast, They must be offered everything.'


Gurudev! krpa-bindu diya
'When will this soul attain such mercy and become fulfilled? I am devoid of ability and intelligence, and greatly distressed. Please accept me.'
গুরুদেব! কৃপাবিন্দু দিয়া

Gurudev left us to help, serve, and protect his mission—that is our main goal, and if we can do it together, it will be good for our own self and good for others.