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When Will That Day Come?

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Caracas, Venezuela
25 September 2009


kabe ha'be bala se dina amara
(amara) aparadha ghuchi', suddha name ruchi,
krpa-bale ha'be hrdaye sanchara [1]

"Please tell me, when will that day be mine when my offences will be dispelled and taste for the pure Name will be infused within my heart by the power of mercy?"

Bhakti Vinod Thakur is asking, "When will that day come in my life when aparadha ghuchi', my offences are removed and I get the taste for the Holy Name?" He is waiting for that day.

You know, sometimes we have a fever and if at that time some good food comes to us, we feel no taste. If somebody has the disease of jaundice, the medicine that is prescribed to them is the sugar cane juice, but when they drink it they do not get any taste. Similarly, we also do not get any taste to chant the Holy Name. Sometimes when somebody is singing, chanting, some people sit silently, arms folded. Have you seen it? They do not get the taste because there are too many offences in them.

Once, a sanodiya brahman asked Mahaprabhu about this. Mahaprabhu went to Kasi, Benares, to rescue all mayavadi sannyasis, and that brahman asked Him, "Prabhu, these sannyasis are experts in all Vedas and Vedanta, but why does the Holy Name not come to their mouths? Why do they not chant?" Mahaprabhu replied, "Because they are Krishna Nama aparadhi—they are offensive to the Holy Name."

So, Bhakti Vinod Thakur is asking, "When will my offences be removed?! When will I get the taste for the pure Holy Name?"

trnadhika hina, kabe nije mani,
sahisnuta-guna hrdayete ani'
sakale manada, apani amani,
ha'ye asvadiba nama-rasa-sara [2]

"When will I feel myself to be lower than a blade of grass, bring the quality of tolerance within my heart, become eager to honour everyone and devoid of desire for honour from anyone, and relish the essence of the Name's rasa?"

"When?" Bhakti Vinod Thakur sings, "When will I feel that I am less, I am more disqualified than a blade of grass? When will it come to my mind that I am much worse than a blade of grass?" All gopis were asking Lord Krishna, "Please, make it so that next life we are born as a blade of grass in Vrindavan Dham—then we will get the footdust of all the devotees!"

trnadhika hina, kabe nije mani,
sahisnuta-guna hrdayete ani'

"When will I get that kind of tolerance? I cannot tolerate so much, but when will I become tolerant?" Bhakti Vinod Thakur is asking the Lord. He is asking the Lord for that kind of tolerance: "be humble, tolerant, and give honour to others." He is asking, "When! When will I get so much tolerance? When will I get the power of tolerance?"

"Sakale manada, apani amani": "When will I be able to give honour to everybody, all jiva souls? When will I be able to pay dandavat even to the dogs?" "Apani amani" means if somebody is not giving honour to me, I will think, "No problem, I do not care."

dhana jana ara, kavita-sundari,
baliba na chahi deha-sukha-kari
janme janme dao, ohe gaurahari!
ahaituki bhakti charane tomara [3]

"When will I declare that I do not desire wealth, followers, erudition, beautiful women, or any other bodily pleasure? O Gaurahari! Birth after birth, please give me unconditional devotion to Your feet."

(kabe) karite sri-krsna- nama uchcharana,
pulakita deha gadgada vachana
vaivarnya-vepathu, ha'be samghatana,
nirantara netre va'be asru-dhara [4]

"When will my hair stand on end, my voice falter, my complexion turn pale, my body tremble, and tears pour incessantly from my eyes while I call aloud Sri Krishna's Name?"

In Mahaprabhu's Siksastakam, there is a sloka "Na dhanam, na janam, na sundarim..." Bhakti Vinod Thakur says, "Please remove my asking mood so that I can never ask for this (wealth, followers, beautiful companions, etc.)." Just like Prahlad Maharaj.

When Nrisinghadev asked Prahlad Maharaj, "Prahlad Maharaj, what do you want?" he said, "Prabhu, what do I want? You have already given so much mercy to me. You have appeared for me! I have seen You, and that is sufficient for me. But if You want to give me something... My father has hit Your body, and I am asking You to please rescue him." Nrisighnadev replied, "It is not a boon, it has already happened. When somebody sees Me, somebody chants My Name, somebody hears My Name, they are automatically rescued, but your father has touched My body. Do you think he is still here? He has already been rescued. Ask for another boon." Then Prahlad Maharaj asked for a boon like this, "Prabhu, if You want to give me a boon, then please remove the asking mood, the desire mood from me—make so that for life after life, this asking mood, this desire mood shall be removed from my heart..."

Bhakti Vinod Thakur says, "Ahaituki bhakti janme janme dao: birth after birth, in any birth I want to serve You, I want that kind of causeless devotion to You. Give me that kind of thing, Prabhu!"

Then he says, "When will I, my tongue, always say, 'Sri Krishna!' and tears come? When will that peculiar kind of ecstatic mood come to my mind when I hear, 'Sri Krishna,' when I say, 'Sri Krishna'?"

kabe navadvipe, suradhuni-tate,
'gaura-nityananda' bali' niskapate
nachiya gaiya, bedaiba chhute,
vatulera praya chhadiya vichara [5]

"When will I wander along the banks of the Ganges in Nabadwip, sincerely calling out, 'Gaura-Nityananda!', while dancing, singing, and running about, without any thinking as though mad?"

When?! When will such day come to my life when Nabadwipe suradhuni-tate, in Nabadwip, on the bank of the Ganges, I will run and dance and chant like a crazy person, not thinking about anything, not even thinking that I have no clothes on? When will that kind of mood come? When will it come in my life? When will I chant, 'Gaura Nityananda! Gaura Nityananda!' and dance on the bank of the Ganges in Nabadwip like a crazy person?"

kabe nityananda, more kari' daya,
chhadaibe mora visayera maya
diya more nija- charanera chhaya,
namera hatete dibe adhikara [6]

"When will Nityananda be merciful to me and cause me to abandon my attachment to mundanity? When will He give me the shade of His feet and grant me a place in the marketplace of the Name?"

"Kabe Nityananda? When will the day come when Nityananda gives so much mercy to me? When is the day when I will be able to leave my material attachment? When will He give me shelter under His lotus feet? When will He give me shelter to see the market of the Holy Name?"

kiniba lutiba, hari-nama-rasa,
nama-rase mati' ha-iba vivasa
rasera rasika- charana-parasa,
kariya majiba rase anibara [7]

"When will I buy and festively scatter the rasa of the Lord's Name? When will I become intoxicated and overwhelmed with that rasa? When will I touch the feet of a relisher of that rasa and become immersed in that rasa perpetually?"

Kiniba lutiba means, "I am taking a Guru and I am taking the Holy Name—where do I get the Holy Name? From my Guru. I take that Holy Name from my Guru and distribute it all over the world! When will that day come?" Bhakti Vinod Thakur is asking Mahaprabhu, "Please give me some mercy so that such day comes in my life!" How nice it is written...

kabe jive daya, ha-ibe udaya,
nija sukha bhuli' sudina-hrdaya
bhakati-vinoda, kariya vinaya,
sri-ajna-tahala karibe prachara [8]

"When will compassion for all souls arise within me? When will Bhakti Vinod forget his own happiness and travel about respectfully preaching the divine order with a most humble heart?"

"When will this day come when I forget my own happiness? When will the day come when I can distribute the Holy Name and give some benefit to others?" Bhakti Vinod Thakur is asking Mahaprabhu humbly, "When will I be able to fulfil Your order (ajna)?" "Order" means Mahaprabhu told, "Prithivite achhe yata nagaradi grama... Preach Krishna consciousness all over the world, in every village!"

This is a very nice song. Always pray to the Lord like this, always pray to the Lord...


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