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Love Your Service

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
10 March 2012


So many bad things were told and written about me to Gurudev, but I did not say a word against them. I always pray to them, "Please come, join. Please come and preach, protect Gurudev's mission," but if Gurudev does not want to take service from them, what can I do? I try my best.

To err is human: we will not throw anyone out, we must protect them. It is my wish that everybody shall together protect Gurudev's mission. Anywhere, in any country, we will accept everybody with love and affection.

Gurudev gave the following example. When the Ganges dries (for example now there is not so much water), many people pass stool at the bank of the Ganges, and when the Ganges rise again, she takes all that stool, but despite that we still take the Ganges water and use it for the Deities' puja.

Those of you who have some service, do not leave it! You get service by fortune, remember it—your mercy, your connection with mercy is there. Because you have got some mercy, you have got your service. Your mind always disturbs you, but you must not leave your service. If your Guru says, "All right, I am giving you a better service," then you can accept it, but otherwise do not follow what your mind tells you.

Maintain yourself in this way, do the service that you have got. If you make garlands, do not leave the service of making garlands. If you do some printing service, that is sufficient for you and this is what you must do. If you clean toilets, then that is sufficient for you. Somebody cuts vegetables, somebody does cow seva, somebody cooks for the Deities, somebody makes dresses for the Deities. Everything is service, and all service is equal. You think there is a difference between a temple manager and a drain cleaner, but there is no difference! Somebody sweeps the temple, somebody runs the temple, but they will get the same result.

"Dhinera adhika daya koren Bhagavan" (the Lord is very merciful to the humble): Krishna Himself says that if you become a temple manager or a temple president and you have ego, you whip and kick others, then you are going to a hellish position. It is not good. If you think you are the temple president, you raise money, you do so much, and you yourself eat big chunks of paneer while giving others plain potato, then you will eventually lose your service and go to hell.

I have become the temple president and everybody comes to me—people worship me, come to me to pay dandavat—but this is not what I want. I come here to tell you something to protect your spiritual life, to protect your service, because if you go and stay alone, doing your nirjan bhajan, you will end up in "a family of Gita"....


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