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The Ultimate Obstruction

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, speaking online to Venezuela
25 April 2015


If you practise properly, with humility, tolerance, and giving honour to others, you will get Krishna's lotus feet, and if you think about the lotus feet of Gauranga Mahaprabhu, you will easily get Krishna's mercy, but you should also understand that if we can fulfil Gurudev's desire, it will be even more powerful for our spiritual life. That is why, we must preach properly.

We must follow Mahaprabhu's teachings, Mahaprabhu's conception, then we can practise properly. Jagadananda Pandit told,

যদি চাহ প্রণয় রাখিতে গৌরাঙ্গের সনে ।
ছোট হরিদাসের কথা থাকে যেন মনে ॥

yadi chaha pranaya rakhite gaurangera sane
chhota haridasera katha thake yena mane

If you want to maintain your love for Gauranga, then remember the story of Chhota Haridas.

Sri Sri Prema-vivarta, 7.12

If you want to get mercy from Mahaprabhu, you must always remember Chhota Haridas. Chhota Haridas made a small mistake, but how much punishment he got for it! You must remember it.

Always avoid Nama aparadh, Vaishnav aparadh. Always. Hari Nam is conscious, He is nondifferent from Krishna, and Nam always considers whether one is an offender:

'কৃষ্ণনাম' করে অপরাধের বিচার ।
কৃষ্ণ বলিলে অপরাধীর না হয় বিকার ॥

'krsna-nama' kare aparadhera vichara
krsna balile aparadhira na haya vikara

There is a consideration of offences when one chants Krishna Nam—offenders to the Name get no effect from their chanting.

Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Adi-lila, 8:24

If an offender chants the Holy Name, no feelings will come to him.

When Chaitanya Mahaprabhu lived in Nabadwip, He once went with the devotees to the bank of a lake. There, a cowherd man warned Him, "Prabhu, why are You going there? There is a nakra, crocodile, in that lake, and even cows do not go there to drink water—they are always afraid to go there." When Mahaprabhu heard it, He easily understood what had happened there and started chanting the Holy Name. Immediately, a child god came out of the lake and, crying, paid obeisance to Mahaprabhu. Mahaprabhu asked him, "Why are you crying?" The child god then spoke about his previous life and explained what had happened and how he had become a crocodile.

Once, in the Age of Satya, Durvasa Muni was resting in a forest near Vrindavan called Kamyavan. The child god, dev-sisu, who was only a child, unknowingly, out of his childishness, cut Durvasa Muni's sikha. Durvasa Muni became very angry and cursed him, "For four ages—Satya, Dvapar, Treta, Kali—you will be a crocodile. When Krishna becomes Gauranga Mahaprabhu in the Age of Kali and comes to a lake and after you hear Him chanting the Holy Name, you will get back your form of a child god."

The child god concluded, "So, You have come here and mercifully chanted the Holy Name. Now my curse is gone and I have again become a child god. I am very happy. Please give me Your mercy so that I may go to see my parents and return to my previous life."

So, you must understand what the power of the Holy Name is, and how bad the reaction of Vaishnav aparadh is.

This story is from the new book Prema-vivarta (Chapter 15). You can find it there...




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