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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
8 February 2017, Sri Ekachakra Dham
Translated from Bengali


It is rare to get a good doctor in this world—most of them take your money or advise you to enjoy the world. Just as Sukracharya advised Bali Maharaj that in order to save your wealth and property, it is necessary to tell a lie, it is necessary to take back the word you had given, but Bali Maharaj did not listen to him—he gave up his guru. Sadhus come to hijack souls from the family of Maya and bring them to the family of Krishna.

Once I went for preaching in Midnapore, it was perhaps 20 or so years ago (before I took sannyas). A man came to me from one of the houses there and said with folded palms, "Prabhu, please do not come to our house—there is nothing we can do to help you." I said to him, "I have not come to take anybody's help, I have come to help you." The programme that day was in a house nearby, and that man sat at the programme. Many people assembled there that day including brahmacharis and foreign devotees. I told him to sit and just listen to what I have to say.

The man listened to the class and began to cry in the end. He went back to his house and brought all the rice he had at home and also gave whatever money he had with him. When I asked him, "You have given us all your rice, what are you going to eat in the evening?" he answered, "The Lord will take care of that."

I gave him an invitation to Gaura Purnima, told him to come to Nabadwip. He said, "Oh Lord, do I have the fortune to come to Nabadwip? So much money is necessary to get there and to stay there also! If I can manage somehow to come one day, I will come." Then I told him, "Here is what you do. You have six people at your house and you cook two kg of rice every day, so take a handful of rice and keep it aside in a pot. I will come next year."

When I came next year, I asked him how much rice he had collected. He said he had thirty-six kg of rice. I told him to give ten kg to the temple and sell the rest, then take his two daughters (one was eight years old and the other one five years old) and come to Nabadwip. He did that.

He did Nabadwip Dham parikrama properly and took initiation from Gurudev on Gaura Purnima. After that, he went back home, practised properly, eventually he got a good job and managed to run the family nicely. His daughters come now all the time, they went to Vrindavan, to Puri; when they come to Nabadwip they also bring some other people with them—they preach. Now they ask me, "Maharaj, how come you are not coming to our village now?" I told them, "Your father thought I had come to steal something from you, that I had come to take your money, but actually I had come to steal you. You have taken initiation, your husband has taken initiation, your father, mother have taken initiation—I have already hijacked all your family, what will I go there now for?" They laughed, "Yes, now we understand what you came for." Now there is kirtan in that place...

Sometimes in Birbhum, when you go by train or by bus, some musicians start singing a song, "O my Golden Gora, I will keep You in my heart and never leave You..." I ask them, "Do you actually serve Gora?"

“গোরার আমি, গোরার আমি” মুখে বলিলে নাহি চলে ।

গোরার আচার, গোরার বিচার লইলে ফল ফলে ॥

"gorara ami, gorara ami" mukhe balile nahi chale
gorara achara, gorara vichara la-ile phala phale

Just saying, "I am Gora's! I am Gora's!" does not do. Only when you follow Gora's practices and Gora's conception will you get the proper result.

(Sri Sri Prema-vivarta, 8.6)

They sing to earn money—they do not practise anything. They use Gaura, they use Nitai. It is said,

হয় গোরা ভজ, নয় লোক ভজ ভাই ।

একপাত্রে দুই কভু না রহে এক ঠাঞি ॥

haya gora bhaja, naya loka bhaja bhai
eka-patre dui kabhu na rahe eka thani

"Brother, either serve Gora or serve society. The two never remain in one place together."

(Sri Sri Prema-vivarta, 4.15)

"If you worship Gora and worship the society, it is the same as crossing a river standing with your two legs in two different boat." "Sarala hale gorara siksa bujhiya la-ibe: you will understand Gora's teachings if you are sincere." (Pv, 8.3)

You can serve the Lord even staying in a family, but you must make your family Krishna's family. "Kariya Krsnera samsara chhadi' anachar (করিয়া কৃষ্ণের সংসার ছাড়ি' অনাচার)": make your family Krishna's family and leave bad habits. It is necessary to leave bad habits, otherwise you will not get any result. Drinking milk and taking tobacco will not do—it is necessary to accept what is favourable to devotion and reject what is not favourable. If you do both, what is favourable and what is unfavourable, it will not do. Did I not tell you just yesterday? Atyahara (too much eating), prayascha (hoarding), prajalpa (talking nonsense), niyamagraha (superficial following of the rules), laulancha (being fickle-minded), jana-sanghancha (non-devotee association); mana-veg (mental urge), krodha-veg (urge of anger), jihva-veg (urge of tongue), udar-vega (urge of stomach), upastha-veg (urge of genitals), vakya-veg (urge of speech)—you must give up all these. Even if you go to heaven, you will have to come back from there—you know that even Indra, the king of heaven, had to take birth as a pig...

We must always remember and be aware of this.


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