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Treading Wrong Path

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Siliguri, 20 May 2017, Bengali class, part 5


Guru Maharaj often sang this very beautiful kirtan:

তব নিজ-জন কোন মহাজনে
পাঠাইয়া দিলে তুমি

tava nija-jana kona mahajane
pathaiya dile tumi

You have sent a great soul, Your associate (to rescue me).

"The Lord has sent His own man in the form of a Guru..."

যস্য প্রসাদাদ্ভগবৎ-প্রসাদো
যস্যাপ্রসাদান্ন গতিঃ কুতোঽপি ।
ধ্যায়ং স্তুবংস্তস্য যশস্ত্রিসন্ধ্যং
বন্দে গুরোঃ শ্রীচরণারবিন্দম্ ॥

yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasado
yasyaprasadat na gatih kuto 'pi
dhyayam stuvams tasya yasas tri-sandhyam
vande guroh sri-charanaravindam

"I offer my obeisance unto the lotus feet of Sri Guru, praising and meditating upon his glory at the three junctions of the day. By his grace, one gains the Lord's grace. Without his grace, one has no shelter anywhere."

(Sri Sri Gurvastakam, 8)

If you get his mercy, his prasad, you do not need any other mercy, any other prasad. If we can get the mercy of these Guru and Vaishnavs, then we can reach our supreme destination. We want our Guru's mercy—if you have his mercy, then it is possible to get everything. Without his mercy, "Yogyata vichare kichu nahi pai—tomara koruna-sara (যোগ্যতা বিচারে কিছু নাহি পাই তোমার করুণা সার)! If you judge my qualifications, you will find I have no qualification, your mercy is everything." "If you give me your mercy, then everything is possible, otherwise not." We want the mercy of Gurudev.

You have heard also what happens to those who make offence to the feet of Guru and Vaishnavs—you have heard the story of Chapal Gopal, you have heard about the Buddhist sannyasi, you have heard the story of Gunarnava Misra—what position did they end up in? Mahaprabhu did not spare even His own mother—He told her, "You have made an offence to the feet of Advaita Acharya, you will not get mercy." Sachi Mata only said (not to Advaita Acharya's face, but behind his back), "Everybody says he is Advaita, but for me he is Dvaita!" Because her elder son mixed with Advaita Acharya and left house taking sannyas, and she worried like any mother, "Now My Nimai will leave too, who will look after me?" So, Mahaprabhu told her, "If you do not ask Advaita Acharya for forgiveness, you will not get relief. You have made an offence at the feet of a Vaishnav."

Why do we not get service? "Ki-rupe paiba seva muni durachara (কিরূপে পাইব সেবা মুঞি দুরাচার): I am so wicked, how will I ever get service?" How will I get service when I make offence to the Vaishnavs?

We hear it, we know it, but we do not understand it—many hear about it but they do not want to accept these things. What future awaits them then? What will become of them then?...


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