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(1/1) At Sri Jahnudwip

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham Parikrama, Day Three
19 March 2019, parikrama, part 8
Translated from Bengali


Hari bol! Hare Krishna!

We are now in Jahan Nagar. We are going to speak about Jahnu Muni here, and after that, we will go to the temple of Saranga Murari, offer our obeisances there and speak about Saranga Murari and Srila Vrindavan Das Thakur. Continuing our parikrama, we have now come to Jahnudwip. If you like this place, there can be a temple built here (there is a lot of vacant land here). What do you say? If we can get the foot dust from Vaishnavs' holy feet, there can be a temple made here. I can make a temple at each of the places where we go during the parikrama. What do you say? Then we will not have to walk so far. Srila Prabhupad started making temples at each of the nine islands of Nabadwip, and we can complete whatever work he left unfinished.

So, passing Srirampur, the abode of Lord Ramachandra and Ayodhya, we have come to Jahan Nagar, or, in Vaishnavs' language, Jahnudwip. One time, seated on the bank of the Ganges, Jahnu Muni was offering arati to the Ganges. Suddenly, a vessel that he used in the worship floated away in the swift current of the river. Jahnu Muni became very angry with the Ganges for taking the paraphernalia he used for worshipping the Lord. Being a great sage, Jahnu Muni was capable of doing many things, so he drank all Ganges water. In the meantime, Bhagirath Maharaj, who was taking the Ganges to the ocean to rescue his ancestors, noticed that the Ganges was gone. He became very sad. He thought, 'What has happened? Why has the Ganges suddenly dried up? Why has the Ganges disappeared?' Then, Bhagirath Maharaj saw Jahnu Muni. He came to the sage and started serving him. Eventually, the sage became very pleased with Bhagirath Maharaj and released the Ganges out of his thigh (janu, জানু). After that, Ganga became also known as Jahnavi.

Bhismadev, one of the twelve great souls (dvadasa-mahajana), stayed here together with Jahnu Muni and studied bhagavat-dharma (transcendental religion) from him. Later, Yudhisthir Maharaj asked him about what he had learnt, and Bhismadev chanted the glories of the Lord and this place: Bhismadev taught him that the only religion is devotion to Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

Jay Sri Jahnu Muni ki jay.


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