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Hanuman's Service Drive

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Evening class, Sri Nrisingha Palli
2 March 2020, part 7


I will give you some example of Hanuman's love for Rama, of his desire to serve Rama.

Hanuman always wants to stay with Ramachandra. When the fighting finished (Lanka was conquered) and everybody returned to Ayodhya, Hanuman wanted to continue serving Ramachandra—so much so that even when Sita Devi was together with Ramachandra at night, Hanuman wanted to stay with Ramachandra. Ramachandra told him to come out, and Hanuman was very unhappy to be sitting outside. One day, he asked Sita Devi, "O Sita Ma! What is this? How come you can always be with Ramachandra and I cannot always stay with Him? Is there something that you have that I do not have?" Sita Devi told, "Yes, there is. I always stay with Him because I have sindur!" (Sindur is a powder that married ladies apply on the parting of their hair to ensure a long life for their husbands). Then, Hanuman went to the market and asked shopkeepers, "Where is sindur? Where is sindur?" Somebody gave him a small box, but Hanuman said, "Oh, this is too small! Give me a big box! Bring it!" The shopkeepers thought Hanuman had become crazy. In the end, they brought a big sack of sindur and gave it to Hanuman. Hanuman opened the sack and put that sindur all over his body. Then, he came to Ramachandra and said, "Can I stay with You now?" Ramachandra said, "O Hanuman, you have so much love and affection for Me! I cannot reject you."

There is also another thing. You know that Hanuman always does all services, so much so that he does not give anyone chance to do anything. Everybody was unhappy, "Oh, he does all service and does not give a single service to us!" Then, one day, Bharath, Satrughna, Laksman, Sita and others decided to make a meeting. At the meeting, they made a list of all services of Lord Ramachandra and distributed all services among everyone—everyone got some service, "You do this," "You do that," etc. They made the list and all that was left to do was to get the signature of approval from Ramachandra. So, they came to Ramachandra and showed Him the list. Lord Ramachandra saw everybody's names were there except for Hanuman's, "What is this? Why is Hanuman's name not there?" Anyhow, He signed the paper.

After that, whenever Hanuman was going to do some service, everybody showed him the list and said, "Hey, it is my service!" Hanuman was surprised, "What is my service then? All service is your service!" Sometimes, when somebody became tired, Hanuman would see it and quickly push them aside and did their service. One day, Ramachandra and Sita Devi went to sleep. Hanuman was very sad, sitting in the garden nearby. Ramachandra is the Lord, He knows everything. He too was thinking, "How can I get back Hanuman's association?" Suddenly Ramachandra yawned—He opened His mouth wide but did not close it. Sita Devi became alert, "What has happened? Why is He not closing His mouth?" She called everyone—Laksman, Shatrughna, and others, but still Ramachandra did not close His mouth. Then, everybody understood that only Hanuman could help out. As soon as Hanuman came, Ramachandra closed His mouth.

In this way, we can see how much Ramachandra loves Hanuman and how much Hanuman loves Him. It is necessary to have such service desire.



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