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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata—Worldwide, 1 November 2020, part 1


I am very happy to see you all by the mercy of Gurudev. You have assembled here again after seven days, I am very pleased and very happy to see you all. I can see so many devotees have assembled today...

Actually, I have heard that they are starting lockdown again in many countries because of the corona virus. The numbers are a little less now here in India, although it is a little increasing in Bengal because it is a festival period here and many people gather on the trains, buses, etc. I have heard that the local trains will start running again in a few days here in Bengal. We must be always careful about this virus until the proper vaccine is discovered or invented. A vaccine is necessary...

Anyhow, this is all temporary. No lack of vaccine, nothing can stop our death. One day we will all have to leave this body, we should not think about ourselves. Our main problem is that we are always busy with our body. Almost the entire world is always thinking about their temporary bodies, "How do I keep myself well? How do I keep my family well? How do I maintain my family? How shall I take good care of my parents?" and so on. Such is our situation. Almost everybody here is very much attached to their body. We are very unfortunate—we have no time to think about Lord Sri Krishna!

Gurudev says,"I may be a fallen soul, but I cannot ignore what my Guru Maharaj has given me, I cannot ignore the mercy I have got from Krishna and my Guru Maharaj. How can we ignore that which is coming from our Gurudev? How can I ignore what I have got by the mercy of Guru Maharaj, by the mercy of Lord Krishna?" Gurudev also said, "According to my horoscope, my lifespan was very short. I told my Guru Maharaj, 'You are making me the acharya, giving me this position, but my lifespan is very short,' and Srila Guru Maharaj said, 'Throw your horoscope away! I am giving you life! I am giving you a long life!' Therefore, I have got this life by the mercy of my Gurudev—I have got an extension of the life time in this human body by the mercy of Gurudev, so I cannot use this body for myself. I must use this body to serve all jiva souls. That is why I am coming from the east to distribute Indian wealth, Mahaprabhu's message to you all." These are Gurudev's words, and I want to tell you the same thing. This is the real state of affairs. However, as I have already said, we are very unfortunate because we have not made a relationship with the Lord and we have no time to think about spiritual life.


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