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Appearance of Acharya Srinivas

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata—Worldwide, 22 November 2020, part 3


Acharya Srinivas's father was a very nice brahman, his name is Gangadhar Bhattacharya. When Mahaprabhu came to Katwa to take sannyas, so many people come at that time to see Mahaprabhu because He was a beautiful young boy, He had long nice hair, etc. and now He was going to be shaven and He would accept the renounced order of life... Every body was broken-hearted and wailed seeing the scene. Somehow, the barber named Srimadhu managed to shave Him—seeing that, Gangadhar Bhattacharya, the father of Acharya Srinivas, fell on the ground senseless. Later, when Keshav Bharati gave Mahaprabhu sannyas and announced His Name, "Sri Krishna Chaitanya," Gangadhar Bhattacharya became crazy and only kept saying all the time, "Sri Krishna Chaitanya! Sri Krishna Chaitanya! Sri Krishna Chaitanya!" This is how, after that, his name became Chaitanya Das.

After accepting sannyas, Mahaprabhu visited Chaitanya Das's house and later, when Mahaprabhu stayed in Puri, Chaitanya Das also came with his wife (Acharya Srinivas's mother) to see Mahaprabhu. When Chaitanya Das came to Mahaprabhu, he began to cry and fell at His feel in obeisance. Mahaprabhu greeted them and said, "Jagannath has brought you here, go now to take the darshan of Jagannath"—and Mahaprabhu sent His servitor Govinda Das with them to take them to the temple of Lord Jagannath. At that time, Acharya Srinivas was not yet born, and Mahaprabhu understood why they had come to Him—Mahaprabhu told Govinda, "Govinda, I know what they have come to Puri for. They came to see Jagannath to ask for a son. I know that." So, later, Mahaprabhu told Chaitanya Das, "Do not worry, you will get a good son, and I can give him the name—his name will be Srinivas." Then, Mahaprabhu added, "I will publish many devotional scriptures through Sri Rupa and Sri Sanatan, but who will distribute those scriptures? Srinivas will do that." In this way, Mahaprabhu predicted the future.

Having received Mahaprabhu's blessing and mercy, Chaitanya Das and his wife returned to their house in Gaura-desh. Their son was born in the month of Vaisakha, on a purnima day, at the auspicious time of Rohini naksatra (constellation). Seeing his beautiful son, Chaitanya Das immediately declared, "I will give this son to the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu for His service."


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