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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Lord Nityananda Prabhu's Appearance, morning class
Sri Ekachakra Dham, 25 February 2021, part 10
Translated from Bengali


When will I stop thinking in terms of material worldly enjoyment (of taste, form, etc.) and come to live close to Krishna? When will I give up enjoyment and renunciation by always thinking about Krishna and become enchanted by the nectar of devotion to Krishna? Vrindavan is the eternal object of worship for the jiva soul.

[Clamour in the audience, a devotee tries to quieten them.] It is not use telling them... If everybody was to go to the Lord, then there would be no place left in Goloka. That is why people say, "Oh, there is no place there, it is no use practising Krishna consciousness! If I come to the temple, there will not be place for me, so why bother practising Krishna consciousness?" There are people who know nothing about the Lord... The Lord is transcendental. He is the owner, the master of the whole creation. This whole world is created by Brahma on His order. Even Vishnu, even Siva obey His orders, but people forget it and only run following Maya's order.

Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur prays, "Kabe nija sukha bhuli' sudina-hrdaya. When will I forget my own happiness and when will my heart become extremely humble?" However, we can never forget our happiness—we are always thinking about ourselves. We are only always busy with food, money, clothes, etc.

"Taddh tad-vanam nama tad-vanamity-upasitavyam." The word "tad-vanam" implies His forest (vana) or a forest in a broader sense. The worshippable matter that is meant by the word "tad-vanam" is Sri Vrindavan Dham where there are no threefold miseries. It is said in Srimad Bhagavatam, "Vedyah vastavam atra vastu sivadam tapa-trayonmulanam. Unless you learn what the truth is, there is no way for you to escape the threefold misery of this world." That is why, it is necessary to know what the truth is. Everything in this world that you see is false; the Holy Name is the only truth. Guru Maharaj also told often, "What you have in your hand is true, and the Holy Name is true." Only the Holy Name is true in this world, everything else that is created will go away. It is said in Srimad Bhagavad-gita also that everything in this world will be destroyed one day.


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Take Notice
'In Kali-yuga, people are given only 120 years of life—it is a very short time! How many days will we be alive in this world? We do not know it. Now that you have a human life and consciousness, chant, 'Radha-Madhava'!'


Sri-krsna-chaitanya prabhu jive daya kari'
'Being merciful to the souls, Sri Krsna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu descends with His associates and abode.'
শ্রীকৃষ্ণচৈতন্য প্রভু
জীবে দয়া করি'

I may have no power, but my Guru is very powerful—he can rescue me. I am not perfect, but Gurudev is perfect, and he can make me perfect.