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Loving Search for the Lost Servant

By His Divine Grace
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
10 October 2010


You took initiation in 1996, and Krishna has brought you here again... It is loving search for the lost servant: "কবে আমা' মাধব আসিবে, কবে আমা' করিবে সেবান, kabe ama' madhava asibe, kabe ama' karibe sevan? When will Madhava come to Me, when will he come to serve Me?" Krishna is waiting for our service.

Krishna's prapautra (প্রপৌত্র), great-grandson named Vajranabha, installed and served the Deity of Gopal in Vrindavan Dham. When the Muslim people were breaking all the temples, the pujari wrapped the Deity and hid Him in the jungle, and the Deity stayed there, waiting for Madhavendra Puri to come. He had not waited for just a year or two—He had waited for Madhavendra Puri for maybe 100-300 years, or more than that.

Then Madhavendra Puri came to Vrindavan. He was once sitting on the bank of Govinda Kunda under a banyan tree, thinking, "When will Krishna come? I want to see the Lord..." He was alone, sitting and chanting on his beads, when suddenly a beautiful looking boy came by with some milk for him,

"O sadhu! Please take this milk." Madhavendra Puri was very surprised,

"How do You know I have not eaten or drunk anything—how do You know I am fasting?

"Oh, some ladies came to take water in the morning and in the evening, and they said a sadhu had come and he was only chanting, chanting, and had nothing to eat. So I have brought some milk for you."

"But where are You staying?"

"I am a cowherd boy and I look after the cows in this area." Then the boy said quickly, "All right, I will come later. Drink the milk, and I will come for the empty pot later," and left.

Madhavendra Puri drank that milk and thought, "I have never tasted such milk before! It is nectar! I've drunk milk many times, but I have never tried such milk before!" He was sitting and waiting for that boy to come, but He did not come back, and Madhavendra Puri decided to take rest. The boy came to him in a dream and said, "You were asking Me who I was, where I was from, where my house was, and where I was staying. My Name is Gopal, and Krishna's great-grandson, Vajranabha, established My Deity, but now I am suffering so much—there is so much rain, the sun is scorching Me... Please, take Me out of this place."

Madhavendra Puri was so surprised. He thought, "Krishna came to me, gave me milk, but I could not recognise Him!" He was very sad...

When the morning came, he told everybody, "Villagers! Your village Deity is hiding here." Everybody began clearing the jungle and searching, searching, but nobody could find the Deity, only Madhavendra Puri knew where the exact place was. Finally, he took out this Deity. It was Gopal—it was that Gopal who said, "I have been waiting for you to come and take Me away, rescue Me from this situation!"

Param Guru Maharaj wrote a book called Loving Search for the Lost Servant: Krishna is waiting for us, waiting to take our service, but we cannot understand it because we are covered by illusory environment.

Bhramite bhramite yadi sadhu-vaidya paya*: we come and go, come and go, but if suddenly we get good association, through that good association the illusory environment will be removed. Otherwise we cannot see anything.

দৈবী হ্যেষা গুণময়ী মম মায়া দুরত্যয়া ।
মামেব যে প্রপদ্যন্তে মায়ামেতাং তরন্তি তে ॥

daivi hy esa gunamayi, mama maya duratyaya
mam eva ye prapadyante, mayam etam taranti te

Srimad Bhagavad-gita, 7.14

"The illusory environment is very powerful, but those who are surrendered to Me, can overcome it." We pray to Maya Devi, "Please remove the net of the illusory environment." When the illusory environment is removed, we will be able to see the nirmal dham, chinmaya dham! We will be able to see the transcendental vibration, the transcendental abode, otherwise we cannot—we are blind!

We are blinded by the illusory dust and cannot see anything, but through good association we can see everything. That is why it is necessary to keep good association. Sravanam [listening], kirtanam [practising] is necessary. And you are very fortunate—you have come here, to this Nabadwip Dham, which is aparadh bhanjan pat...


কাম-ক্রোধের দাস হঞা তার লাথি খায় ।
ভ্রমিতে ভ্রমিতে যদি সাধু-বৈদ্য পায় ॥
তাঁর উপদেশ-মন্ত্রে পিশাচী পলায় ।
কৃষ্ণভক্তি পায়, তবে কৃষ্ণ-নিকট যায় ॥

kama-krodhera dasa hana tara lathi khaya
bhramite bhramite yadi sadhu-vaidya paya
tanra upadesa-mantre pisachi palaya
krsna-bhakti paya, tabe krsna-nikata yaya

"The conditioned soul becomes a servant of its masters, Lust and Anger, and always gets beaten by these two. But as the soul keeps wandering throughout the universe, it may by chance get connection with the doctor: a devotee, whose instructions and mantras can chase this witch (Maya) away. Those who come in touch with devotion to Krishna, come closer to Krishna."

Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, 22.14-15



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