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Sankirtan Yajna—Soul of Preaching

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Vyasa Puja day
28 September 2011, part 2


You know that in Mahaprabhu's time also there were some kinds of people who always searched for a hole—you can remember Ramachandra Puri who always searched for others' faults. He saw some ants at Mahaprabhu's house and said to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, "Prabhu, You must be taking so many sweets, do you not? I can see ants in Your room..." There are devotees like that who search for others' fault, but you must take others' good side. Many devotees do not have the same qualification, many do not have much qualification but you must use everybody for the service of the Lord. You may have some good qualification, you may be more qualified than somebody else, but everybody's qualification is not the same—everybody has some bad qualification and everybody also has some good qualification, and you must take others' good qualification, good quality, and use them for the service of the Lord. That will be beneficial for you and beneficial for them also. When you eat something yourself, you must give it to others also—you have taken initiation from Gurudev and you must invite others also just as when you are eating and enjoying you will invite others to take prasadam also. This is my message.

Sankirtan yajna is necessary. You may not be able to speak much Hari-katha, but not much is required for that—you can read the Gaudiya Gitanjali (Kirtan Guide). Read the kirtans and their meaning, you will get taste through kirtans, and when you get that taste through kirtans, you can think that some benefit is coming to you. This is sankirtan yajna. Chant maha-mantra, do sankirtan, and you will get super benefit, you will get taste through that.

This is my message to all the devotees. In the countries where it is allow, you must do sankirtan in the street—there may be only five of you, but if you do sankirtan, people will come. People will come hearing your sankirtan, even birds, beasts, trees will also get benefit through your kirtan. You think, "There are only four of us," but you can still do kirtan, sankirtan in the street once or twice a week. This is good. Make some leaflets and distribute them, invite people to your, in this movement will develop. If you only sit in your house, no one will come—start the fire, and wind will come.

Think about Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj Srila Prabhupad—you know that he went to America alone, in his old age. This huge mission of ISKCON has come from one person only. For example, you are a husband and a wife, you have children, and you think how you will go preaching? Swami Maharaj went alone to America and made a big sankirtan maha-mandala ISKCON with more than five hundred centres all over the world. How is that possible? If you start something, everything will come, but you are sitting at home and thinking, "Oh, we are only two persons, how we will do it..." No! Five people, six people can get together once a week and preach, everything will come. This is the main idea. This is how you can spread Krishna consciousness. It is necessary to believe it and to do it.

I have been speaking today from the morning... My health is actually good today, no problem, blood sugar and everything is under control, I am very happy about that, but I am very tired now and would like to rest a little bit because soon another class will start. So, I am praying to all the devotees: Please forgive my offence. You are all my family members, and I am a family member of you all. I can do something wrong, but I know that a family member cannot reject me. I am like your brother (your younger or elder brother), or you son, if you wish. Please tolerate me. Gurudev has kept me here, what can you do? Gurudev had given me this position to serve you all, so please tolerate me. That is why I say that you are all my family members, and I am a family member of you all, and I believe that a family member cannot reject me...

Jay Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay!




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