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Sri Vyasa Puja: A Happy Day

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Vyasa Puja day, speaking online to London,
28 September 2011


The hearts of the devotees are very nice—they are following Sri Rupanuga line, Gurudev's line perfectly and properly. This is the main thing. We must not fight for bricks and cement, buildings—we want devotion, we want a preaching movement. This is what is necessary for us.

Today is a very good day for me: everybody is giving their mercy to me, that is why for me today is happy day. Also, I can see all the devotees today, it is very nice. Everybody is happily enjoying the programme, class, and everything, and glorifying Gurudev. That is my thing—I do not want my glorification, I always want to glorify my Guru, I need to preach about my Guru.

Do you have any questions on this day? How can I serve you? I am always at your service, I am actually your family member. I always think that that we are Chaitanya Saraswat family and I am a member of that family. I do not think about myself as being separate, and I do not make any classification or discrimination. We are all brothers and sisters in Gurudev's family—Gurudev is the guardian and I am a member of his family. I may be a bad boy, but elder brother or sister cannot reject their younger brother even if he is a bad boy. I am always doing wrong, but I believe that my family members cannot throw me out. I am always doing everything for my Guru, my only hope always is to fulfil Gurudev's desire, and I want to serve my Gurudev's mission until death. That is my only prayer to you.

Actually, now I am starting making Gurudev's puspa samadhi. Gurudev told me one time, "Can you make one room for me in Govardhan? It will be good for me. I want to stay in Govardhan." And Gurudev himself he made that room basement (chabutara) there. I never broke that basement, and I use that same basement for his puspa samadhi now. I am thinking that if we can go there after Gurudev's next Vyasa Puja celebration in Nabadwip, then we can inaugurate it. It will look the same as Srila Rupa Goswami's samadhi temple. Gurudev wanted to stay in Govardhan, and Govardhan temple is actually the only temple that was registered on his own name (only in his last days he made a will and transferred it to my name).

If you have any questions, you can ask me, do not hesitate. I am always at you service. Do you have any service for me today? How can I serve you? Sometimes, try to connect the devotees, keep always in touch...

I have promised Gurudev I will serve Gurudev's mission, but the opposition group gave Gurudev some problem... When Gurudev was alive they told him, "If you do not change your decision, we will disturb Acharya Maharaj our whole life." I am not afraid of it. I know if they disturb me, I will have more tolerance then. Before, I did not have so much tolerance, but now I am "biting" my arms and thinking why did I get so much tolerance now? Because Gurudev is giving so much tolerance and mercy to me...




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Sri Guru: Mercy, Heart, and Service
'Through sastra, through knowledge you can understand many things, but without the mercy of the Guru you cannot observe the Guru—you cannot realise, cannot understand who the Guru is, what the Guru's position is.'


'He is Srimati Radharani's beloved servant. I hold on my head the dust of his tremendous, wondrously purifying feet and eternally offer my obeisance to them.'

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