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Knock, Knock!

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham
28 February 2012


When Srila Guru Maharaj (Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj) was a young boy, he wrote one poem about Gaura Purnima:

(An Appeal)

(The poem is translated into English by Sripad B.K. Tyagi Maharaj)

jagate nikhila tamasavrta supta jagata-jana
samudita aji gauda gagane gaudiya-darsan [1]

Sri Gaudiya Darsan has appeared today in the sky of Gauda to awaken all the sleeping souls of this world who are covered in darkness.

chhute aya ore santira dake abala-vrddha-nari
abhimana sudhu maya-bandhana osudha enechhi ta'ri [2]

"Hey! Come running!" Sri Gaudiya Darsan peacefully calls to the young and the old, the men and the women alike. "False egotism is the sole cause of bondage under Maya. We have brought the medicine to deliver you.

Ego is attachment with the illusory environment, and Nabadwip Dham parikrama is the medicine for this material bondage.

Srila Guru Maharaj wrote this when he was eighteen years old, a very young boy. It is a very nice poem.

svarupa tomara nitya-chetana paramananda-maya
hada-mamsera thali ki kakhano tahara adhara haya? [3]

"Your true self is eternal, conscious and supremely ecstatic. How can this bag of flesh and bones ever be its proper place?

You do not know who you are—your svarup (true self) is an eternal servant of the Lord; you are not jada-vastu—you do not belong to the world of material things, you are eternal. Guru Maharaj writes, "I am not a bag of bones and flesh. I am a jivatma, spiritual soul." You must understand this.

deha paribara sonara samsara rabe nako chira-dina
saba chhede tor yete habe ore tabe kena mati-hina— [4]

"Your body, family, and 'golden' household life will not remain forever. Eventually you will have to leave all of it and move on. Hey! Why you are you unmindful of this?

"Why are you waiting to go to another place? Why do you have no intelligence, no brain? You think that family life is 'sonar samsar', a golden life, but one day you will have to leave your family, your body, etc. Why are you are waiting for the next day? Why is your mind disturbed, why does it need to go to some other place?" Gurudev was eighteen years old when he wrote this!

sudhu ghuma-ghore, svapanera bhare amara amara kari—
vrtha jada rase kataicha kala maya pisachire bari' [5]

"Simply dreaming drowsily, proclaiming, 'Mine! Mine!', You are spending your time engrossed in vain mundane pleasures, bound by the witch Maya.

When you are sleeping, you see many dreams, but it is all almost false. You are dreaming, and you do not want to wake up—you think, "These are my things," "Those are my things", everything is "my"—you are wasting your time.

kanta ke tora? preyasira rupe vaghini siyare jage
putra ke tora? rakta susichhe 'baba' bali anurage [6]

"Who is your wife? She is a tigress awake beside your head in the form of a lover. Who is your son? He affectionately calls you 'father' but simply sucks your blood.

Who? Who will rescue you from yourself? You think this kind of family can rescue you? Do you think your father, mother, children, wife can rescue you from yourself? They are bhagini (tigress): they are always eating you. Who is your son? Your children call you, "Father", "Daddy", "Dad", etc. but they are taking your blood. You get children, the children grow up, marry, and then kick you out of your own house...

bandhava nahe dasyu danava saba udyama lute'—
nihsva korechhe haya vanchita! tabu ki re chokha phote [7]

"They are not your well-wishers. They are a thief and a demon who have stolen all of your energy and left you destitute. Alas! You have been deceived! Yet you do not open your eyes!

Who is your friend? Those who always tell you pleasant things are not your friends—they are robbers, dacoits. If somebody tells you that they are your friend and give you something, some material benefit, how can you call them a friend? They are not your friends. Now you are helpless, you are empty—you have no brain and your eyes cannot see transcendental things because they are not clean.

kata ghumaibi pisachira kole moha tamasara ghore
chira-janamera bandhu re tora bhikharira vese dvare— [8]

"How long will you sleep in the lap of the witch Maya under the spell of her dark illusion? Your eternal friend is now at your door in the dress of a beggar.

Who is your friend? Your friend has come to your house as a beggar and prays to you for something. What he is asking for? "Krishna bolo, sange chalo! Please chant the Name of Krishna! Come with us! Please leave this!" Just like a beggar he comes to you, prays to you, but you cannot recognise him.

ai dake son akula parane—aya—dese phire aya
ghumabara ara nahi re samaya kramasah-i bela yaya [9]

"'Listen,' he calls with an eager heart, 'Come! Come back to your homeland! There is no more time to sleep! Gradually time is passing.

Do not sleep now! Time is passing!

There is a famous temple of Lala Babu in Vrindavan, and you know, that Lala Babu used to eat a lot of fish. One time he went to the market to buy some fish. He chose a huge fish and started talking to the seller. He went on and on, and the seller said in the end, "Babu, the sun is setting, I need to go home! Please give me the money." Suddenly Lala Babu's mind changed, his brain changed and some intelligence came to him, "My sun is also setting, I also need to go home... My time is passing, what am I waiting for? I have to go to Vrindavan!" He immediately left everything and went to Vrindavan.

e bhava sagara ha'te habe para akula pathara-maya
yemani tarani hok tabu, ami kandari—nahi bhaya [10]

"'We must cross the boundless expanse of this ocean of material existence. Let your boat (your body) be as it may. Regardless, I am your captain—have no fear.

soka bhaya tapa vidurita kari prajnanaloka diya
karma-jnanera moha vinasiya rakhiba svarupe niya— [11]

purnananda chinmaya-dhame, labhibe apana dhana
gandhe yahara sajjana-gana mugdha-pagala hana [12]

"'I will drive away all of your lamentation, fear, and suffering with the light of transcendental knowledge. I will destroy the illusion of the pursuits of worldly enjoyment and liberation. I will establish you within your true self and take you to the supremely ecstatic spiritual abode. There you will realise your own natural wealth, the scent of which astonishes and maddens the sadhus.

krsna-charana kamalera madhu niravadhi pana kari
anande nachibe svajanera sane mukhe bali hari hari [13]

"'There you will perpetually drink the honey of the lotus feet of Sri Krishna and dance in ecstasy in the company of your true friends, calling out, "Hari!" "Hari!"'"

This is Gaura Purnima parikrama...


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