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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
Speaking online with devotees in Hungary
23 December 2012


We should remember what Mahaprabhu said. Mahaprabhu did not tell to sit in one place. You can see my day today. I started from the mangal-arati and I am still going on until night time (it is 8:30-9 now) non-stop. Our boys started the mangal arati, then they chanted kirtans, after kirtans they went for a parikrama, then they took breakfast at 9:30, and after that they came here at 10-10:30 and I started the class; I finished the class at two o'clock, then I spent three hours travelling by car, then started the evening class, after that I have already given one class online, and now I am doing another one. I started in the morning and I have not finished yet. I keep myself busy—I do not want to be a sick person or lazy. That is why I want to go for the parikrama, I want to do the singing, I want to chant, to do kirtan, etc. It is good for health and the practising devotional life will be good too, spiritual life will be good too. If you sing with love, your heart will be good. Do you understand? Then there will be no heart disease. Sing with love, continue in this way, then disease will never come to your heart, your heart will be OK. Why did Haridas Thakur chant loudly? For everybody, for the benefit of others.

I am very happy with what you are doing. Before, when *** started learning dancing I thought, "Why is she learning to dance?" but now I am thinking that she has learnt to dance, she can teach others and people will come through that dancing, they can join Krishna consciousness. I am very happy. Like in Turkey, devotees practise and teach yoga, and through yoga so many people are coming to Krishna consciousness. They also do yoga in Brazil—they run the temple in this way and they are also engaging people to serve Krishna consciousness. It is good like this, it is a good way. Anyhow, by hook or by crook, you must engage people. It is Kali-yuga, people will not come to Krishna consciousness, only very few people will come, that is why you must anyhow give it to them in another way. If you can engage others in the service to Krishna consciousness, in the service to the Lord, to the Guru, then through that, you will get some commission and you too will be benefitted.

Also, it will be good if you do not mix with sahajiyas or mayavadis. We must follow Srila Sridhar Maharaj's conception. We do not want to become Krishna like sahajiyas. Do not mix with the mayavadi conception also—there are so many mayavadis in the foreign countries, there are so many sahajiya people preaching from another Math—they visit many places and people become sahajiyas. Like, we sing in the kirtan, "Yasomati-nandana Vraja-bara-nagara" that Krishna is "navina-nagara-bara." Navina-nagar means, He who always takes a new (navin) girl (nagar). Krishna can do it, but we do not want to be Krishna, we do not want to be sahajiya. Do you understand? It is bad for everybody, it is a great disease.

Srila Gurudev's appearance day is on 30 December (2012), if you celebrate this day very happily, I will be even happier. You can send me the photo, email me, tell me what kind of festival you have made. OK? Make a festival, do Guru-puja, and give some lecture. You must glorify Gurudev on this day, that is called a festival—make Vaishnav-seva and glorify Gurudev, speak about what Gurudev told us, about his pastimes. You can also invite some outside guests, even if they are not devotees or not devotees proper, you can invite them. Give some prasad, give a lecture, and they will be benefitted through that. It will be a Sunday, a holiday. You can make some dance programme, invite guests, give them prasadam, that will be good and Gurudev will be very happy.


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