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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
12 March 2013


Question: Could you please give some service or some instruction to our two new devotees?

They must chant the Holy Name—always, at any time. It is not necessary to always chant on the beads—when you are working, taking prasadam, going to the bathroom, always chant the Holy Name. That is the main service—the Holy Name, and also Vaishnav seva.

You must not only always chant, but also go preaching, do some sankirtan outside and make programmes from house to house. If you can make a programme every day at a different house, it is good, but you must have a programme once a week minimum. Also, if any time you want to visit India, you are always welcome here. I can give you any service you want.

You are staying in Ukraine, it is good. It is necessary to preach. You should spend most of your time preaching door to door, house to house, distributing books. OK? Proceed in this way. Sometimes devotees can also do sankirtan outside—in this age of Kali, devotees will come to you through sankirtan.

Listen to my lectures and you will get some teaching through that. You can ask me questions and I can give you answer—we can have that kind of conversation. Also, sometimes you can make a skype programme, I will be even happier.


Question: Could you please give your blessings to all the devotees?

Krishna always blesses you. You have got your service, so do that service, try to do it gradually. You have already got the mercy, you are already blessed by the Lord, blessed by Gurudev because you have got service.

My Gurudev's last message was that wherever you are—even when you walk, go to the bathroom, go to the toilet, even when you eat—you must maintain your spiritual life. Do not forget your own home, do not forget your Guru, Krishna, Bhagavan. These are the main things.

Always take prasadam. Cook and offer what you cook to the Lord. It is very cold there and I know it is a very bad situation to arrange Tulasi, but try to have Tulasi plants, try to serve Tulasi. Offer what you cook with Tulasi leaves and take prasad, it will be even more glorious for you.

Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhu told that there are six bad things that are obstacles in our spiritual life. What are they? (1) First is atyahara. It means you should not eat so much, but devotees do not eat, devotees only take prasadam because they always offer what they cook. Actually, devotees do not cook for themselves, they cook for the Lord, for their Gurudev and the Vaishnavs. (2) Then, there is prayascha. It means you should not keep so much for future, for yourself. (3) You must not talk so much unnecessarily. (4) You will accept what is in favour of devotion, what is necessary for devotion. (5) You will reject what is not in favour of devotion. (6) And the last thing is chanchalya. Chanchalya means the mind always disturbs—today it is here, another day it is there, another day somewhere else, the mind does not have so much chastity—it is bad for us.

Follow these things and you will get the result and go forward quickly. Do you have any other questions?


Question: Could you please give me your blessings? I find that after initiation my life has become very difficult.

What is the difficulty?

—It has become difficult materially and also I feel terrible mental disturbance...

No problem. Chant the Holy name and do not worry, Krishna will be merciful to you. Do not worry about anything. I am very happy with you.

Always chant the Holy Name. It is not necessary to always chant on the beads, you can always chant with your mouth. While you are working, you can chant: "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Doyal Nitai! Doyal Nitai! Doyal Nitai!" He will remove everything, all your worries and difficulties.


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