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At Ramananda Ray's Garden

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
5 April 2013, Sri Puri Dham


There, in Ramananda Ray's udyan (উদ্যান, orchard), this sloka was recited:

তব কথামৃতং তপ্তজীবনং
কবিভিরীড়িতং কল্মষাপহম্ ।
শ্রবণমঙ্গলং শ্রীমদাততং
ভুবি গৃণন্তি তে ভূরিদা জনাঃ ॥

tava kathamrtam tapta-jivanam
kavibhir iditam kalmasapaham
sravana-mangalam srimad-atatam
bhuvi grnanti te bhurida janah

"My Dear, bestowing the greatest fortune that is attained after so many births, exalted souls come to this world and live here by singing and spreading Your nectarean glories that are life and soul for those suffering in this material world being devoid of Your divine love; that are the gist of all poets' songs; that are the destroyer of all sins; that benefit anyone who hears them; and that possess universal attraction."

Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, 14.13

Mahaprabhu rescued Prataparudra with this sloka: He embraced the king with the words, "Who is the 'bhurida', the greatest donor in this world? Those who distribute the Holy Names, Krishna's Names in this world, are the greatest donors. You are the bhurida!"

Another time, Pradyumna Misra came to Mahaprabhu and asked, "Prabhu, can You speak some Krishna-katha?" Mahaprabhu replied, "I do not know so much, but Ramananda Ray knows more than Me," and sent him to Ramananda Ray.

When Pradyumna Misra came to the house of Ramananda Ray, he was busy: he was training the servitors of Jagannath (young girls from 13 to 19 years old). He taught them everything: how to dance, how to wear a sari, etc.

Pradyumna Misra was sitting and waiting when a servant came out and informed him that at that time Ramananda Ray was very busy in the garden, teaching the girls dancing. Pradyumna Misra did not like it so much, so he left and went back to Mahaprabhu. Mahaprabhu asked him,

"So, have you heard Krishna-katha?"

"Prabhu, how? He was doing this and this, I do not like that..."

"You have made a mistake. Although I am a sannyasi, if I see a picture of a woman, my mind can become disturbed, but Ramananda Ray does service with the young ladies, dressing them, teaching them how to dance, etc. but he is not an ordinary man—he is a Vraja gopi! [Ramananda Ray is an incarnation of Visakha.] Go to him again."

The next day Pradyumna Misra went there again. This time, Ramananda Ray said to him, "Oh, you came yesterday, but I did not get time to talk to you. Please, forgive my offence. Tell me what you wanted to ask me." And Ramananda Ray spoke the whole day and night—he even forgot to take prasadam. Pradyumna Misra was very happy and surprised. When he came back to Mahaprabhu, he said, "Prabhu, yes! You sent me to the right person! He only knows Krishna, nothing else."


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