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Brain Treatment

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
30 April 2013


Question: What is the best religious practice in this modern age?

It is the modern age and actually now people are always attached with the material world, material things, but they do not think that one day this body can finish, that this body is temporary.

Actually this body is not only for eating, sleeping, and enjoying. We enjoyed in our previous lives when we were in another body, but it is like a mad man who is walking in the street and searching for some dirty paper. If you give the man some dirty paper, it cannot give any benefit to him. What will be beneficial for him? He is crazy, he has some disturbance in his brain, so it is necessary to treat his brain. Similarly, in this world the materialists always suffer, and in this age of Kali it is necessary to treat the brain. Brain treatment means you need good association.

Only enjoying, eating and sleeping is not what our life is for. We do not tell you that you must stop eating, sleeping and working, but if you work, if you eat, or if you sleep, use everything for the service to Krishna, for the service to the Lord. If you cook, cook for Krishna; if you work, work for Him. Become His servant; do not forget Him.

We cannot maintain ourselves on our own. The Supreme Personality of Godhead always controls us, we are not the controllers. We have an ego—ego means we think, "I am very educated," "I am beautiful", "I have so much wealth", "I am a rich man", and so on—and this ego eats everything, it disturbs everything. If you have a little faith, you can understand that we cannot do anything, behind us there is a Controller. Who is it? That is Search for Sri Krishna, Reality the Beautiful. The controller is the Lord Himself, and we should want to do something for Him, but how shall we do anything for Him? You need a good advisor.

Our mind is always naughty, and we follow our mind. If a bad person controls your mind, you will go in the bad way; if a good person, a good advisor controls your mind in a good way, then you will be good and your intelligence will go in the good way, not the wrong way. So, you must understand that you need to find a good advisor who knows about Krishna and who knows where our real house is.

It is not true that we are born and after death everything finishes. Only our body finishes. Even the scientists also say that life does not finish when the body finishes. When the soul (jiva, jivatma) runs out of the body, we stop taking, we stop all activities, but who does it? We must think about this, it is a very high thinking. There is a soul, jivatma, inside us, we must think how we can give some benefit to it.

We eat for our bodies—if I do not eat anything today, 2 kg weight will be lost; but what is the food of the jiva soul, jivatma? The soul's nature is that it always wants to serve the Lord, but it cannot because the soul is now covered by the illusory environment. If, however, we hear some good advice, then gradually the illusory environment will go away, and I—"I" means jivatma, the soul—will get a chance to surrender to the Lord, I will get a chance to serve the Lord.

This is how we can get benefit if we hear some good advice.


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