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Heart to Heart

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
19 July 2013


Question: What is the heart to heart transaction between the Guru and a disciple?

It is very difficult to explain this transaction, or connection. This connection, this transcendental power comes from above automatically. It is a very high conception to speak about it. Srila Rupa Goswami wrote about it, and Uddhav Maharaj also spoke about it.

When Uddhav Maharaj came to Vrindavan, he wanted to give some nourishment to all Vraja gopis, to Mother Yasoda, Nanda Maharaj, but when he saw them he thought he was the lowest person, "Who am I? I am nothing compared to them!"

When he asked somebody, "Can you please tell me where Nanda Maharaj's house is?"

Pointing at a drain the person replied, "Can you see the water coming down this drain? Go up this drain—the place where the drain finishes is the house of Nanda Maharaj."

The water in that drain was not water actually, it was tears of Mother Yasoda and Nanda Maharaj. Uddhav Maharaj became surprised, "How is it possible that tears can form a drain?!" When he came to Vrindavan, he also wanted also to hear about pastimes of Krishna, to hear what Krishna did in that area. In the end, Uddhav Maharaj's final words were, "I do not want to stay in this human body, I want to be born in a tree's body so that I can come here and hear some Krishna-katha from those who have become trees. I want to stay here, and when all the Vraja gopis come and speak Krishna-katha, I will hear it from them!" This was the desire and feeling of Uddhav Maharaj...

Krishna gave so much power to Uddhav Maharaj, who was one of His closest ministers, but that heart to heart connection comes automatically. To get it, it is necessary to give something—it is necessary to sacrifice your life. Sacrifice can also be different—if you sacrifice something and in lieu of that you think you will get something, it is not a real sacrifice, it is sakam bhakti (devotion driven by desires), it is not niskam bhakti (devotion free from desires).

Gurudev can understand why a particular person has taken initiation from him, what a person has come to him for, and a real disciple (who is a niskam bhakta, selfless devotee) can also understand what the Guru wants from him or her. The Vraja gopis do not think about themselves. Even Sivji Maharaj, even Laksmi, Brahma, Uddhav Maharaj, Narad Muni, even Satyabhama, Rukmini, everybody failed—how is it possible that the Vraja gopis could do it? Because they have given their heart and they have stolen Krishna's heart, that is why through their service, through their nourishment that special connection has come.

Heart to heart connection with Guru and Krishna comes through service: through pleasing your Guru, through making your Guru happy, that connection is transferred to your heart. The gopis said, "My legs can rot, I may have leprosy, it is not a problem—I want good for Him, I want Him to be alive and happy; even if we die for Him, it is not a problem." This is the heart to heart connection between the Vraja gopis and Krishna. Such connection is very rare to get...


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