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Health Is Wealth
in the Service of Mahaprabhu

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Compiled on 23 October 2015


Several excerpts spoken on the subject matter:


23 June 2015


There is one man, a disciple of Gurudev, whose weight is 220 kg. When I met him, I could not even hug him (he is so big). There are such people, what is the problem? He is like that, and I did not say anything to him, but then he became very sick... He always wants to come to India, but now he cannot get a plane ticket because they cannot give him a seat... I pray to the Lord that he can reduce his weight because he is a very sick man...

Reduce means you must do exercise (do jogging, for example), and control your tongue, then it can be reduced.

I am also thinking that over the past three months I have gained three kilos because sometimes I eat potato, but I do not like it. The doctor also chastised me,

"Why have you gained three kilograms? Do you not control your life? Be careful! Do you take Thumbs Up, 7Up, etc.?"

"No, I do not take that!"

"Maybe a little bit? Just a little?"

"No, no, believe me, I never take it..."

• • •


23 June 2015


There was a man in charge of the Govardhan temple. He used to be here in the kitchen before, but Gurudev sent him to Govardhan. He is a paid man, not a disciple of Gurudev. So, he stays in Govardhan, and he became very, very fat. All Govardhan knows him now as "Moto Baba"(*). Ten years ago, he became very sick, now he cannot even move. He is the same age as me, but he looks like an old man and cannot walk...

*'Moto baba'—lit. 'fat father', 'baba' is a common affectionate address, similar to 'uncle'.

• • •


12 September 2015


There is a man who lives here in Nabadwip and has a shop near the ghat at the Ganges—he always buys tickets for me and the devotees and helps a lot to the temple. He is thirty years old, but last Monday he had a stroke! I am surprised. He is only thirty years old but had a stroke. That is because he has become very fat.

Too much weight is not good for anybody. I can see this Prabhu is also becoming so fat. Are you not working hard? You must walk, do some physical exercise. Do you only sit the whole day?

This time the doctor told me, "In three month you have gained two more kilos' weight. If you cannot lose these two kilos in the next three months, do not come to me." The doctor told this to me. Do you understand how much he loves me? [His Divine Grace laughs.]

• • •


March 2015


When my health just starts going down, I immediately take medicine because I do not want to waste my time on sleeping and resting. In the cold season, in the dry and hot season, as soon as the fever comes, immediately take medication. Otherwise, if you wait, wait, then can end up like that devotee—she was hospitalised because when the fever came she did not take care and proper medication; instead, she was trying different kinds of alternative medicines, this, that...

Gurudev knew Guru Maharaj's medicine, and I too know some medicine. Two-three hundred devotees always go with me in preaching tours, and we always take care of them all. Sometimes we travel for twenty days by train—somebody always gets sick, and I always carry so much medication. People come, "Please save me!" and I know what medicine to give. In twenty years nobody has ever died.

I get twenty-four hours, and every one minute of these twenty-four hours are for the Lord—not one minute is for me. Even when I take food, I think, "I am wasting five minutes! Why do I have to waste these five minutes?" That kind of feeling should come to you. This is how I thought when I just came to Guru Maharaj's mission...


— : • : —




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