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(1/3) How Knowledge Attained Mercy

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham Parikrama, Day Three
19 March 2019, parikrama, part 5
Translated from Bengali


We have come to Sri Sarvabhauma Gaudiya Math. Please stay quiet and listen carefully. After this place, we will go to Jahan Nagar, speak some Hari-katha there, and after that, we will go to Mamgachi, where we will take prasad. Are you all hungry already? [Devotees: No, no!]

[Much noise] Please stop talking! You are only talking gramya-katha. Are you hungry? You have got a mouth only to eat and speak – you did not get a mouth to chant the Holy Name. You have got ears only to hear nonsense things and a mouth only to talk about nonsense things. Gramya-katha, or nonsense talks, means talking or hearing about things that have no relation to Krishna. When somebody comes to you and talks, you are happy to hear them, but you do not like hearing about the Lord. You have all struggled to come here, so you must actually listen to Hari-katha with your heart, not with your ears. You have been struggling and walking in the sun so long to come here, but if you cannot hear anything, then what is the point coming here? What for do you walk so far then?

The place where we are now is called Vidyanagar. We came here from Vidyavachaspati's house (also in Vidyanagar). Jagad-Guru Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad opened the temple (Sri Sarvabhauma Gaudiya Math) here. He wanted to make a temple on each of the nine islands of Nabadwip. So, he made temples on all three islands we are visiting today – Ritudwip, Janhudwip, Modadrumdwip. Also, I do not know when Chaitanya Math opened that temple, but there is also a branch of Chaitanya Math in Nrisingha Palli, near our temple. So, this temple here, Sri Sarvabhauma Gaudiya Math, is also under Chaitanya Math.

Continuing our parikrama, we have come, by the mercy of our Gurupadpadma, Vaishnavs and sannyasis, to Vidyanagar. Many great souls came to this place to learn various kinds of knowledge (vidya). For example, Jaimini wrote texts about mimamsa, Patanjali wrote texts on yoga, Narad and other sages wrote Pancha-ratra here in Vidyanagar. Many great sages came here to obtain knowledge and then teach it to others. Many kinds of knowledge are available here, but knowledge is actually averse to devotion. One time, Upanisads stayed in a garden in Vidyanagar called Upavan and worshipped the Lord. They prayed, 'When will Gauranga come in Kali-yuga?' Satisfied with their worship, the Lord appeared before them and said, 'Containing mayavadi teachings (you teach people about the impersonal conception of Godhead), you have become contaminated, so you cannot see Me so soon. But when I come as Gauranga Mahaprabhu to Nabadwip in Kali-yuga, you will also become born as devotees – by chanting My kirtan loudly, you will be able to attain My mercy.'


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