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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nrisingha Palli, Sri Gaura Purnima Day,
21 March 2019, morning class, part 5
Translated from Bengali


I know that many of you who are present here are prepared to take initiation today. You must know that taking initiation from gurudev (receiving the Holy Name from gurudev) means, 'Gurudev will tell me to do some service.' Always remember this. It is not like the guru will serve you. You are the one who must serve the guru. Serving your guru does not mean that you must come and massage his feet, feeding him, doing this, that. You must chant the Holy Name and follow what I will tell you. If you can live your lives in this way, then come and take initiation. I told you yesterday that among millions of selfish people, you will find one wise person; among millions of wise people, you will find one liberated person; among millions of such liberated people, you will find only one devotee of Krishna. It is very rare to find a devotee of Krishna. But just one such devotee of Krishna can liberate the entire universe. You must understand what service mood is.

It is not so easy to become a devotee of Krishna. We must become devotees of Krishna's devotees. Otherwise, you have not even become a servant of your guru, a servant of Vaishnavs, but you say that you have become a servant of Krishna! First become a servant of Vaishnavs. If you think that you have become a Vaishnav, you can never attain anything with such a mood. If you have faith in your guru, if you have firm devotion to your guru, then all those nonsense talks will not even enter your ears – you will not even think about material life or any material things; you will only think about Mahaprabhu, about spiritual life, you will only serve the Lord. You must always remember this. If you follow this in your life, you will get benefit. Follow these things.

So many gods and goddesses will come today, but will you be able to see them? It is necessary to have the eyes to see it. Today is the appearance day of Mahaprabhu! So many gods and goddesses will come down from heaven, offer flowers at Mahaprabhu's feet and leave. Can you grasp this? They will come, offer flowers at Mahaprabhu's feet and go away. And you are saying, 'I am going home,' 'I cannot stay because I will not get a bus later.' You are so unfortunate!

There should be class and kirtan now. Those of you who are going to take initiation, please come upstairs. I do not want to stop the Lord's class and kirtan here at the nat-mandir. I heard in the morning that when Rama Prabhu was chanting kirtan, the current went out, but he still continued kirtan and went for a parikrama [in the neighbourhood]. It is very good. You must carry on for as long as you have energy in your body. I do not have any energy left – after four days of parikrama, I did not go today, but they went! Lord Nrisinghadev has given you energy [His Divine Grace laughs and asks the devotees where they had been with the parikrama].

So, always remember these things and always think about these things.

Jay Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay.


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