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(6/6) Join Service Connection

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nrisingha Palli, Gaura Purnima Day
21 March 2019, noon class, part 6
Translated from Bengali


If you arrange a programme, I can come and give a lecture. In this way, you will also get association. We always chant in one of the kirtans, 'Ekaki amara nahi paya bala (একাকী আমার নাহি পায় বল). Alone I do not get the strength.' You cannot stay alone. You will get association if you keep connection with me. You have taken initiation and will go back, each to your own village. If each of you arranges a programme in your own village and calls me, I will come. This is connection.

I am always looking for devotees. For example, we are building a temple in Bardhaman, and when I come to supervise the construction, I sometimes need a place to stay overnight. Otherwise, I have to go back to Bankura in the evening and then again come to Bardhaman from Bankura in the morning. Sometimes, some devotees from Bardhaman also come to Bankura and stay there, so there is an empty room at their houses, but we do not know where their houses are. How can I go there? Who will take me there? They do not understand this.

You get my phone number, but you do not keep it or you lose your phones, etc. But I have never in my life changed my phone number. I have three phones now, but when I got my very first mobile phone, I got the number that I am still using. You must call, find out news, keep connection. When you become a disciple of a guru, you must show desire to serve your guru.

A while ago, a man called me and asked, 'Will you not come to collect potato this time?' I said, 'Of course I will!' That day, I was in Nrisingha Palli – I arranged the pandal and other things and then went out the same afternoon and collected potato from that man. A lot of people's potato has got spoilt this year.

This year, we collected only thirty-two sacks of potato in Tarakeshwar, at our main place of collection, but then I got a phone call from another place and it turned out that we were getting a hundred and a half sacks from that place! You see? Gurudev always said, 'When one door closes, another door will open.' So, if one devotees does not give anything this time, it is fine, somebody else will give. The Lord's service will never stop.

Jay Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay.


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