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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Ekachakra Dham, evening class
5 February 2020, part 9
Translated from Bengali


Param Guru Maharaj wrote one very beautiful thing. You all know that Gauranga Mahaprabhu is the combined form of Sri Radha-Krishna. Gauranga Mahaprabhu took two things from Radharani—Her heart (mood) and halo (colour). If you take the heart and halo from someone, does that mean the person has nothing left? So, where did the rest of Sri Radha go? Krishna took Radha's heart and halo, and the remainder is Gadadhar. Therefore, Radharani's incarnation is Gadadhar. Generally, we hear that Svarup Damodar and Ray Ramananda were the closest associate of Mahaprabhu, but there is a more intimate associate—Gadadhar Pandit. Gadadhar Pandit's guru is Pundarik Vidyanidhi. A few days ago it was the vasanta-panchami day (Saraswati-puja)...

Somebody asked me about Saraswati-puja. I told that it is OK to worship Saraswati, but there are two Saraswatis—one is Suddha Saraswati, and the other one is Vidya Saraswati. In this world, people become big engineers, big scientists, big asses—this is all Vidya Saraswati. It is said in the scriptures that the real knowledge is the knowledge owing to which you become attached to the lotus feet of Krishna. This is the true result of knowledge. Mahaprabhu told this to Digvijayi Pandit.

জড়বিদ্যা যয়, মায়ার বৈভব,
তোমার ভজনে বাধা ।
মোহ জনমিয়া অনিত্য সংসারে,
জীবকে করিয়ে গাধা ॥

jada-vidya yata, mayara vaibhava,
tomara bhajane badha
moha janamiya, anitya samsare,
jivake karaye gadha

"All mundane learning is an exhibition of maya and an obstacle to Your service. It brings about infatuation for the temporary world and makes an ass of the soul."

(Saranagati, 3.3)

Material knowledge (apara vidya) is Vidya Saraswati, but we worship Suddha Saraswati, who represents transcendental knowledge (para vidya). We never worship anyone for the sake of material knowledge. People gain such knowledge and become dacoits, murderers, bad people, etc. I have a friend who works as a superintendent at the jail in Dum Dum—he told me, "Maharaj, what sin have I committed to get this job?" He told me about some pickpockets. If you put a flower or a fruit in some water, it floats, and those pickpockets thrust a knife into it in such a way that it cuts the fruit but not even a wave appears. The superintended said, "All right, I have kept an expensive pen in my pocket, if you can steal it, then you are a real pickpocket." The next day, he realised that the pen was not in his pocket any more. He had no idea how the pen got stolen—he did not even feel anything. This is how intelligent pickpockets are. You keep money in a bank, and somebody can be in another country, but they can hack the bank and steal that money. How much knowledge one can have. This is all mundane knowledge (apara vidya).

So, we worship Suddha Saraswati, it is necessary if you want to get the result. Unless we get the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu, we will not have any brain. We must have the mercy of Nitaichand. When will we attain His mercy?

কবে শ্রীচৈতন্য মোরে করিবেন দয়া ।
কবে আমি পাইব বৈষ্ণব-পদছায়া ॥

kabe sri chaitanya more karibena daya
kabe ami paiba vaisnava-pada-chhaya

"When will Sri Chaitanya be merciful to me? When will I reach the shade of the Vaishnavs' feet?"

কবে আমি ছাড়িব এ বিষয়াভিমান ।
কবে বিষ্ণুজনে আমি করিব সম্মান ॥

kabe ami chhadiba e visaya-abhimana
kabe visnu-jane ami kariba sammana

"When will I give up this mundane ego? When will I honour the Lord's devotees?"

গলবস্ত্র কৃতাঞ্জলি বৈষ্ণব নিকটে ।
দন্তে তৃণ করি দাঁড়াইব নিষ্কপটে ॥

gala-vastra krtanjali vaisnava-nikate
dante trna kari' dandaiba niskapate

"With a cloth around my neck, joined palms, and straw between my teeth, I will sincerely submit myself at the Vaishnav's feet."

We must not have any duplicity—we must speak openly. You must tell everything to your Gurudev openly. Just as when the patient does not tell everything openly to the doctor, the doctor cannot administer medication; in the same way, if you hide something from your Guru, you will not get the medicine—you will not be able to understand everything properly. Therefore, we pray, "When will my mind become pure and I will be able to have the darshan of the Lord? When will I be able to love the Lord? When will this pull towards the Lord come to me? When will I be able to love the Lord like His devotees do? When will I be able to serve the Lord the way the Vraja-gopis do?" We must think in this way...



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Internal Inspiration
'Without the chaitya guru's instruction you cannot get a bona fide Guru. Chaitya guru's instruction is not open: it comes from the heart. You get some feeling and come to a bona fide Guru.'


'Sri Guru is an ocean of mercy and the friend of the fallen. He is the lord and life of all people. O master! Be merciful. Give me the shade of your feet. This fallen soul has taken shelter of you.'

When you come to your Guru, do not buy the return ticket, but you are all buying the return ticket... What return ticket? Going to maya, the illusory environment.