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Advice to Householder Devotees

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 28 March 2020, part 5


Question: Could you give some advice on how to live a grihastha life?

The husband will work. The wife will cook, offer the bhog, take the offered prasadam first, and then the husband will take the remnants after her. That is Srila Gaura Kishor Das Babaji Maharaj's advice—when some householder devotee came to him, he gave this advice because then the husband not will think, "I will only enjoy with my wife." No. The husband must think, "My wife is a servitor of the Lord, and I am her servitor," then that ego will not come that "Oh, I am earning money, I am giving her money, I buy this, I buy that."

The wife also should not think, "Oh, I cook! If I did not cook, you would not get any food!" No. You are cooking for the Lord, and you take the Lord's prasadam, and your husband will take your remnants.

Householder devotees will also always chant the Holy Name every day and do some Vaishnav-seva. Also, you must keep one-one dollar, one rupee, one coin, or one cent aside every day for the service to your Guru and Vaishnavs. You can ask me, "How will I do Vaishnav-seva every day? I do not get Vaishnavs in my house every day." The wife will think, "My husband is a Vaishnav," and the husband will think, "My wife is a Vaishnav." That is Vaishnav-seva. And every day, little by little, keep aside some coin for the service to Vaishnavs—after that, you can send what you have kept aside over one month or one year to your Guru for Vaishnav-seva.

That is my advice for the householder devotees.



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Preaching Mood and Service Mood
Preaching: 'Our aim will be to anyhow use everybody for the service to my Guru.' Service: 'The main meaning of service is being under the guidance of a Guru. If you are not under the guidance of your Guru, it is bhajan of Maya, not bhajan of the Guru.'


Nitai gunamani amara
'The sinful, unfortunate, and fallen did not desire this divine love, which is difficult for even Brahma to attain, yet Nitai begged them to accept it.'
নিতাই গুণমণি আমার

We got all this—name, fame, etc.—from our Guru, and if we do not use it
for the service to the Guru, if we use it for our own purpose, it is
the main offence, and because of that we can easily fall down.