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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 23 August 2020, part 2


...And another point is this. What is our quality? Our quality is to be humble. Humility is the main quality—those who are great Vaishnavs become extremely humble. You must understand this. Therefore, we must have a great humility. Great humility, great tolerance, patience are necessary in our spiritual life.

You have heard the story of Duhkhi, a maidservant at the house of Srivas Pandit. She is an old lady who has no education, no qualification, she has no money, no wealth, no property, she has nothing, but she has a heart—she has a heart, mind, life, everything, and she gave everything to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, for His service. This is how she got mercy from Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Malini Devi also, Srivas Pandit's wife—how did she get to think with so much affection that Nityananda Prabhu is her son? One time also, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said to Srivas Pandit, "Srivas, you are giving Nityananda shelter at your house, but you do not even know who He is—which caste does He belong to? where does He come from? You do not know anything about Him. Who is He? You have given Him shelter at your house, but what if some problem comes, what are you going to do?" Hearing this, Srivas Pandit laughed, "Prabhu, You are testing me! You just want to know how much love and affection I have for Nityananda Prabhu!"

We can apply this to our life also. We do some Krishna consciousness activities, spiritual activities, but how much time do we spend on spiritual activities and how much time do we spend on mundane activities? You must calculate it yourself. How much time do you spend on your spiritual activities? How much time do you spend on your mundane activities, on your mind's activities—on doing naughty and nonsense things what your mind tells you to do. You can calculate yourself how many hours a day you spend on mundane activities. You must utilise your heart, your mind, everything for the service to the Lord. Devotees must be always careful and serious about their service—devotees always think about Krishna.

কি শয়নে, কি ভোজনে, কিবা জাগরণে ।
অহর্নিশ চিন্ত কৃষ্ণ, বলহ বদনে ॥

ki sayane, ki bhojane, kiba jagarane
aharnisa chinta krsna, balaha vadane

"Whether you are sleeping, eating, or resting, always chant the Name of Krishna."

(Sri Chaitanya-bhagavat, Madhya-khanda, 28.28)

Even when you are sleeping, when you taking prasadam (when you are eating), when you are waking up, when you are awake—any time, all the time think about Krishna. When you go to bed, when you are sleeping, think about Krishna—give 'jay' to Gurudev, remember Gurudev. When you wake up, first of all remember your Gurudev, remember your Gurudev's advice. Always think about all this.

Vraja gopis said to Uddhav Maharaj, "Prabhu, you want us to close our eyes to meditate on Krishna, but it is not necessary to close our eyes—even with our eyes open, we see Krishna everywhere. We always see Krishna wherever we look—we cannot see anything except Him." Such is Vraja gopis' ideal. They always think about Krishna. They all have good husbands, they have everything, but still they always think about Krishna and spend their time in this way, making the Lord happy.


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