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Take Care of Yourself

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata—Worldwide, 22 November 2020, part 6


Question: I have had many dreams of a devotee who has left her body. In the dreams, she comes and tells me that she is very afraid. What can be done?

Chant the Holy Name more, that will do it. Chanting the Holy Name destroys all obstacles. Chant the Holy Name, that is the main thing. Always chant the Holy Name, and do not think so much about her, it is not necessary. What happened, happened, it is not necessary to dwell on that. Krishna always takes care of His devotees. You must believe this properly, and you must have faith in Gurudev, in Guru-Vaishnav-Bhagavan. Always remember your Guru, Vaishnavs and the Lord, and all obstacles will go away. Sometimes, somebody is on their deathbed and a few days before that they may dream about some things, but you should not take such things very seriously. It is normal.

Question: Some devotees do not want to associate with me because of a mistake I made in the past. How can I rebuild my relationship with the devotees?

If somebody thinks they have made a mistake, then they should ask for forgiveness and all the devotees should give them chance to rectify themselves. It is devotees' duty to do that. Gurudev often said, "If a Vaishnav cannot forgive somebody, then what kind of Vaishnav is it?" So, we always make mistakes, we are human beings, and everybody makes mistakes, but it does not mean you must ostracise the person. If somebody realises they have made a mistake, it is good for them. Everybody can make a mistake and everybody can repent for their mistake, so it is necessary to restore the relationship to what it was before. As for your behaviour, you must do your duty and always be humble—always pay obeisances to devotees, always behave humbly. Other than that, what will you do? It is not necessary to think so much—be good and a good result will come to you.

Are there any other question?

Question: When the soul leaves the body, where does Paramatma go?

Where the soul goes depends on its karma—sometimes it gets another body according to what karma they did, and if they do proper service, then they will not get another body. Gurudev says that if you practise properly in this human body, then you will get to your real home. So, if you try to practise Krishna consciousness properly, if you serve Gurudev, Vaishnavs, and the Lord properly, then your jiva soul will go to its own home—to Goloka Vrindavan, where it has come from.

Devotee: I meant where Paramatma will go...

What does Paramatma have to do with it? I am talking about atma. Paramatma stays closeby. Where would Paramatma go? Atma and Paramatma is not the same—atma is a part of Paramatma. Where would Paramatma go? Paramatma goes to the place of Paramatma, and atma gets another body according to its karma, otherwise it goes to the Lord where it resides with the Lord.

Question: How can I give you some love and affection so that you can tolerate everything that you have to go through because of us?

You are good devotees, you have so much love and affection for me, I am always in your heart, and that is my great fortune. I am also trying to keep you in my heart. Devotees' love and affection always give me enthusiasm.

Always do service, always think about your Guru, think about your spiritual life. This is what I want from you. Devotees go to work, but they must think about their spiritual life—they must set some time for their spiritual life, spiritual benefit. They must think about their spiritual benefit. This a great fortune for them, and this is the main thing in their spiritual life.

Today is a very sad day (disappearance of three great Vaishnavs), and we remember and can try to glorify all acharyas, that is good for our spiritual life. Always remember,

বৈষ্ণবের গুণ-গান করিলে জীবের ত্রাণ
শুনিয়াছি সাধুগুরুমুখে

vaisnavera guna-gana karile jivera trana
suniyachhi sadhu-guru-mukhe

"Singing the glories of the Vaishnavs rescues and protects the jiva soul. I heard this from the mouth of sadhus and my Guru."

('Jayare jayare jaya paramahamsa mahasaya')

We must earnestly glorify great souls, this is very important.


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